Apple's New Holiday Ad Is Making Us Cry — & Celebrating Creative Kids

Today Apple released its annual holiday ad in two formats. There’s a three-minute version posted online, as well as a 60-second version that will be airing on TV, beginning Monday evening, Nov. 25, right before the big Thanksgiving travel weekend. Have the Kleenex nearby, because each version is about to tug hard on your heartstrings.

The ad takes on the mighty endeavor of traveling with squabbling kids during the holiday season — with an unexpected twist involving the magic and creativity of technology. A family with two daughters travels far to visit Grandpa, who’s recently been widowed. And an iPad bridges gaps between generations in a way you won’t see coming. We caught all the feels — and we’re betting you will too.

If you don’t have an iPad, this commercial might just convince you that your family should have one. We’re amazed by how much is possible with one of these gadgets in 2019. Each iPad allows access to — get this — over a million apps that allow for major creativity: drawing, video, photography, and music. And now iPad technology allows Apple Pencil across its whole line — yet another reason an iPad should maybe be at the top of your Santa list this holiday season.

Want to make your own personalized holiday cards and party invitations? iPad’s got you, with numerous apps that will get the job done (and did we mention they’re FUN?).

Here are four your family is sure to love if you’re a holiday-card-sending posse:

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Other apps we’ll bet your family will adore are Apple’s creative lineup:

Hey, Apple? We’re sold.


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