Brittany Matthews' 1st Video of Baby Sterling Sets Unrealistic Expectations for Postpartum Fitness

Brittany Matthews, the fiancée of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, is a badass in the gym, no doubt. First, she’s a fitness entrepreneur. Second, she’s 25. So when she shared an Instagram video of her working out both pregnant and now with a 3-week-old baby in her arms, we were not surprised the new mom was absolutely crushing it. It was exciting to get our first glimpse of Sterling Mahomes , but also, we want to remind everyone that this level of fitness is definitely not standard for someone so soon postpartum.

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In the video, Matthews spliced together clips of her doing the same hip-dipping exercise on a bench at various stages of her pregnancy, including the day right before she was induced into labor and welcomed daughter Sterling Skye into the world  on February 20. The last clip is of Matthews holding Sterling against her chest, still doing reps of that torturously deep dip.

“The most amazing journey, to bring the biggest blessing into our life,” the caption reads. “Baby girl, we love you! #sterlingskye.”

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Damn, girl! Seriously strong core at work here.

As we mentioned, though, this is not #momgoals for every expecting or new mom. Matthews used to be a professional soccer player, and she is used to extreme levels of athletic training. Every woman should listen to her own body and only do exercises that she is comfortable doing. Plus, moms-to-be should make sure to follow a doctor-approved pregnancy workout.

And while postpartum moms may feel pressure to get back to their pre-pregnancy bod quickly, they really shouldn’t. You just grew a baby inside you and have a new human to take care of — it’s OK to take a break! It’s also possible you could make postpartum fitness mistakes and do more harm than good. Every mom should focus on her own fitness journey, and not compare herself to anyone else.

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