Chelsea Clinton's Comments on Having a Third Kid Are Too Real

Chelsea Clinton is prepping for her third kid, and the activist (and children’s book writer, natch) recently spoke with Romper about how going from two to three kids is like “going from man-to-man zone defense, so we’re focused right now on being prepared, as much as we can be prepared.”

Well, at least Chelsea has some preparing to do; her husband, on the other hand, should feel quite at home around a bunch o’ tots: “My husband is one of 11 [kids] and I’m an only child, so anything between those two numbers is a new experience for both of us. We’re just so thankful to be the parents of Aidan and Charlotte and are looking forward to meeting the next munchkin this summer,” she told the publication, “but [we] know it will be a big change in our lives.”

We love that Clinton and Mezvinsky are down for pretty much anything between ONE AND ELEVEN CHILDREN. Great job, guys. These parents are ready to handle whatever (or whoever) life throws at them.

After all, Clinton has overcome quite a bit of life-throwings: She somehow managed to grow up in the public eye — suffering enormously at the hands of ugly humans flinging nasty slurs about her parents and her appearance — to become a mother, an activist and an author. It would be a challenging combination for anyone to master, but Clinton’s always got a plan for anything she takes on.

Clinton also spoke to Romper about her inspiration for her children’s book, Don’t Let Them Disappear: 12 Endangered Species Across the Globe, and you bet we are listening (and ordering copies now). She explained that her inspiration was the animal-poaching crisis of the late 1980s. “I remember my mom [Hillary Clinton] and I in Arkansas, trying to learn whatever we could about what was happening and what we could do to try and help elephants.”

The poaching crisis has once again spiked, despite an international ban on ivory that, for a while, helped elephant populations gain their footing. Clinton said, “[Now] we lose 97 elephants every day, and we know if those trends continue we will lose African elephants well within our lifetime, and I just find that unacceptable.”

Her new book — illustrated gorgeously by Gianna Marino— examines the “connection between kids and animals,” and tells readers about different endangered species, gently pleading with children, “Don’t let them disappear!”

“I think there is something special about the connection between kids and animals,” Clinton told Romper. Clinton’s kids (with husband Marc Mezvinsky) are Charlotte, 4, and Aidan, 2 — and she’s got a third on the way this summer.

Clinton is also the author of bestseller She Persisted: 13 American Women Who Changed The World. Her new book will be out on April 2 from Philomel of Random House.

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