Christina Ricci’s Son Had the Most Adorable Reaction To Seeing His Mom in ‘The Addams Family’ Movies

Wednesday Addams is more than just a role to Christina Ricci, who played her in The Addams Family for the first time in 1991 when she was just 10 years old. This iconic character represents a spirit of freedom and expressing yourself, which she is happy to pass on to Wednesday star Jenny Ortega. But, she’s also hoping that the spirit of Wednesday continues to delight kids, including her son Freddie, 8, with ex James Heerdegen. The Yellowjackets star revealed that Freddie had the most adorable reaction to his mom’s character in the movies.

“My son is 8, and he watches The Addams Family movies. He’s always so delighted in how naughty Wednesday and Pugsley are,” Ricci told Access Hollywood at the Nov. 16 premiere of Wednesday at the Hollywood Legion Theater.

And he turns to me, and he’s like, ‘Mom, you were really bad and naughty,’” she continued. “And it’s that childlike delight in sort of breaking the status quo that I think really is kind of at the spirit of this whole world.” It must be so fun to watch your mom, only a couple years older than you at the time, get in trouble and break the rules on TV.

The Yellowjackets star, who is also mom to Cleo, 11 months, with husband Mark Hampton, also reflected on what it was like to play Wednesday as a kid. “It was really fun. It was such a different world,” she said about the film set. “I think it’s fun for a child to be in a world that’s being created by adults where we’re breaking rules.”

She continued, “Like as a kid, for someone to be like, ‘Oh yeah, that thing we don’t really do. But you can do it here. And choose your props. And what do you want to wear while you do it?’ That, to me, was so delightful and fun.”

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When SheKnows caught up with Ricci in October, she revealed that Freddie had a creepy idea for Halloween. “We are in the middle of deciding on our Halloween costumes for the entire family, dogs included,” Ricci said. “There’s a lot of debate, a lot of great ideas. Freddie really wants everyone to be zombies. Like we’re all just a zombie family.”

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“But I can’t imagine putting zombie makeup on a baby, so that may or may not happen,” she continued, while laughing. “It just sounds really difficult.”

In fact, they compromised. Freddie and Hampton were zombies, and Ricci and Cleo were skeletons. Just as eerie, but much easier for a baby!

We love seeing Ricci teach her kids to embrace the dark side of life, in a cute, age appropriate way. As long as Freddie knows he can’t actually act up like Wednesday does, it’s all good!

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