Gabrielle Union’s Daughter Kaavia is Feeling the Mid-Week Struggle & It’s So Relatable

Have you ever felt like the week is crawling by? The hustle and bustle of Monday gives way to a loooong Tuesday and suddenly we’re at Wednesday morning and it feels like it should be Friday already. Gabrielle Union’s 3-year-old daughter Kaavia gets it — and she is making her feelings known with one iconic facial expression. It’s Shady Baby at her finest, and it is so relatable!

Kaavia posted a photo to her Instagram account yesterday (which is run by her parents Union and Dwyane Wade), showing her laid out on the tennis court. “When the ‘Quiet Quitting’ is loud,” the adorable picture was captioned. “Why is Tuesday giving Monday vibes? #ShadyBaby #ToddlerLife”

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Her long legs are stretched out in front of her, clad in white tennis shoes, and she’s leaning on her side, holding a tennis racquet in one hand. Kaavia’s braided hair is slipping out of its ponytail, and she has this look of utter defeat on her face. Her bottom lip is pursed in a pout and her eyes spaced out in the distance. She’s 100 percent done!

Her dad commented with laughing-face emojis, and we’re laughing too. How can Shady Baby always perfectly capture our own feelings and emotions? She truly has a gift.

Someone else commented on the photo, “And this toddler is toddlering in her own way😂😂😂😂 look at that face. One kid who cannot hide what she feels😂.”

“If ‘I’m done with this!’ was a person 😂😂😂😂😂,” another joked.

“Kaavia looks like how I feel today,” someone else said. “We need a do over baby girl 😂.”

Baby girl works hard, taking notes during her mom’s PROUDLY board meetings, winning dance battles, and being absolutely adorable (when she wants to be). So it’s no wonder that she was feeling exhausted by Tuesday — honestly, same! But like any preschooler, after a quick nap and a juice break, she’ll probably be full of energy once again. If only it was that easy for grown-ups, too!

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