How to make your vacation a fun learning experience for kids

Each place you visit will have a story. Make sure you tell your kids these stories.

By Vineet Rajan

While school teaches kids a lot of things, there are certain experiences that cannot be replicated in the classrooms. According to a survey conducted by WYSE TRAVEL Confederation, children who travel have a greater interest in what is being taught in school. More than half of the children who travel have achieved better grades.

Travel has a unique impact on kids. It leaves them with experiences that would last a lifetime. Travel creates an opportunity for kids to learn new things to make them aware of the world outside school and home. Visiting new cities teaches them about different people and different cultures.

You can use the following ways to turn their vacation into fun learning for kids:

Involve kids in planning

When you decide to go on a vacation, involve your kids in the decision-making process. This will make them feel very interested in the place when you visit. However, it’ll help to have access to an expert during your trip. Kids are all about being impromptu and it is best to check with experts who know the places. Scouts can advise for or against things like this. Parents would definitely want to avoid having a tough time with their kids so a little pre-planning will definitely work in their favour.

Tell stories

Each place you visit will have a story. Make sure you tell your kids these stories. This will make them enjoy the place and they will also end up learning a thing or two. If you have to tell them the stories, it is upon you to read up and research about the place. Collect as much information as you can and make yourself aware of the places. Remember, these little explorers have a lot of questions and you want to make sure to answer them all.

Talk to locals

Talking to locals, while you are on the trip will help you know the place better. Let your kids communicate with them along with you. Kids will get a chance to hear stories from the local people and that could be something they will definitely cherish and remember for a long time. Talking to local guides while planning your trip also ensures that you are not missing out on any important places to visit. In today’s time it is not all that hard to reach out to local guides while planning a trip.

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Collect souvenirs

Postcards, fridge magnets or little trinkets are perfect souvenirs to take back from vacations. Encourage kids to collect them. These will be pieces of their childhood that they can treasure for the rest of their lives. It is also a great way to remember the trip and also something that will remind them of all the stories and places they visited during the trip.

Help them maintain a journal

Encourage your kids to have a travel journal. Once they are back from the vacation ask them to write about their experiences about the place that they liked the most, the kind of food did they had tried and all the locations they had visited. Have them write down every little detail of the trip they can remember. Let them attach pictures and fun things they collected on the trip. Years later, they will surely thank you for making them do this very small, yet everlasting activity.

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While every parent wants to leave behind materialistic things for their kids, parents who travel with kids leave behind abundant memories, unforgettable stories and most importantly the opportunity to explore the world, understand things and expand their horizon.

(The writer is Co-founder, ScoutMyTrip.)

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