How Your Hangers Could Be Ruining Your Clothes

If you have your clothes hanging on hangers instead of crumpled on your floor, then you may be patting yourself on the back for keeping your closet, and let’s face it, your life well organized. Unfortunately, the praise given may fall short if you haven’t considered how these organizational tools may be ruining your clothes.

When it comes to hangers, they’re not all created equal, but don’t stress, your favorite dress and those trousers you spent way too much on are going to be fine. There is a fix! But first, let’s find out how the trusty hanger can betray our efforts to maintain order.

“Hangers are designed to mimic the shape of our shoulders,” says Maeve Richmond, a home organization expert and founder of Maeve’s Method (via Well and Good). “This way, when they’re not on our bodies they can help clothes to maintain that natural, just-off-the-model look.” Unfortunately, not all hangers serve this purpose, especially wire hangers. “Wire hangers truly, are too thin,” says Richmond. “Not only can they cause awkward stretch marks on clothes, but they will bend over time, causing unsightly bunch-ups in our closets, and our clothing to hang at funny angles.”  She goes on to recommend using chunky wooden hangers that more closely mimic the natural slope of our shoulders.

You could have too much clothing in your closet

Wire hangers may not be suited for your clothing, but you don’t have to throw them out. They can instead be used to hang belts, bags, and scarves (via Well and Good). You also want to make sure that you’re not trying to cram too many pieces of clothing into a small closet. Professional organizer Mindy Godding, co-owner of Abundance Organizing in Richmond, Virginia explained to HuffPost, that even if you are using good hangers, if the clothes are jammed together they will end up creased and wrinkled anyway. “So you want them free and clear,” Godding advises. Adding that the space between clothes that are hung up allows for, “maintaining the integrity of the fabric.” 

In addition to causing unnatural shapes and unnecessary creases, hangers can also stretch out your clothes if you use them on heavier articles such as sweaters. If you insist on hanging your bulkier sweaters, Godding advises folding the sweater in half with the sleeves pulled in. And draping the garment over the bottom of the hanger.

Don’t let your hangers get in the way of your dreams of a well-organized closet and life. Just thin out what’s hung up so there’s plenty of room for your favorite pieces, repurpose those thin wire hangers, and leave the bulky items for drawers and shelves.

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