Is this Why Kim Kardashian West & Kanye West Want So Many Kids?

The Kardashian-West household is filled with major dragon energy as Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West are expecting their fourth child via gestational carrier, according to sources familiar with the couple’s marriage. Could this be why West pressures Kardashian West to have seven kids?

The source, who spoke with People anonymously, said the famous pair “seem[s] very happy and close” as they get ready to welcome another baby into their brood, just one year after their third child, Chicago, was born via a different surrogate.

“When they waited for Chicago to arrive, it was the same — having another baby seems to always bring them closer,” the unnamed insider said. “They are very excited about having another baby this year.”

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A second insider backed this claim, telling People, “One thing you’ve got to know about Kanye and Kim: They’ve got a different chemistry when a baby is on the way.”

“I can’t even explain it, but they are much more into each other when they’re expecting,” the source added. “So they’re both really happy right now — a lot more romantic, a lot more supportive of each other. They were acting like newlyweds last week… When they’re not expecting, they’re still loving, but nothing like this. Right now, they couldn’t be happier.”

It’s not hard to believe that Kardashian West and West’s relationship may have needed the boost, especially after months of tabloid coverage of West’s startling White House appearance, online feuds and public discussions surrounding the rapper’s mental health. Though, it’s worth noting the couple hasn’t explicitly stated that their decision to have a fourth kid had anything to do with repairing their marriage. (Also worth mentioning is that we have not been able to verify the claims from these sources, and readers should take everything with a grain of salt.)

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But things haven’t been all butterflies and roses, the first source stated. Kardashian West allegedly wanted to wait to disclose the baby news until the family’s gestational carrier was further along in her pregnancy. “Kim wants to protect the pregnancy and not cause extra stress for the woman who is carrying their baby,” the source said.

The change in plans hasn’t slowed Kimye down from shopping for all-new things for their unborn child, however. According to another source who spoke with People (seriously, how many sources can be this familiar with the Kardashian-West home?!), the couple doesn’t “really do hand-me-downs, so each baby is like their first,” which means regardless of gender, the Wests have no intention of using any of the toys, clothes, cribs or gadgets they purchased for their other three children. While not all that surprising (they have more money than even they probably know what to do with), it’d be great to see celebrities advocating for more sustainable lifestyles or, at the very least, donating to families in need.

Alas, it is what it is. Or isn’t. Again, this intel comes from another unverified source.

Ultimately, the thing that matters most in all of this gossipy mess is that the Kardashian West children are happy, healthy and loved. The rest is merely fodder.

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