Jessica Simpson Reveals the Unexpected Way Katy Perry Inspired Her To Get Back Into Music for Her Kids

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Jessica Simpson is contemplating a return to music — and we have one major pop star to thank for it. The fashion designer opened up about how a recent Katy Perry concert inspired her to return to music for her kids, and the story is so sweet.

In a new cover interview with Bustle, Simpson explained that she’s considering a move to Nashville “to reboot her music career.”

“I’m doing this as a mother now, as a wife. I was a wife last time, but this is a very different marriage. And they’ve never seen me do this,” she said about her kids watching her perform on stage. “I have my daughter taking a private plane with North West to go see Katy Perry in Vegas. And inside I’m like, She was supposed to see me first.”

Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

But she didn’t let the jealousy get the best of her. Then I’m like, This is not competitive, Jessica. Let your daughter enjoy Katy Perry,” she continued. “But there’s moments that make me want to do it — for them to see that color of me.”

Another way her kids Maxwell, 11, Ace, 10, and Birdie Mae, 4, whom she shares with husband Eric Johnson, are seeing who she really is? By watching old episodes of Newlyweds, which she starred in with ex-husband Nick Lachey.

“I’m still that person,” she told the outlet. “Honestly, if Eric told me I had to do all the laundry, I would still throw it over the banister and throw a hissy fit.” Ha, same, girl!

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And she’s working hard to make sure she stays real, especially on social media.

“I was going to post a photo because everybody’s down my neck, Jessica, you need to post, Jessica, you need to post. I’m like, OK,” the Open Book author said. “Then I go to post and I’m like, oh, but let’s go to the FaceApp [first]. I’m like, Oh, that makes it look a little bit better. Oh, that makes it a little bit better. What has done that to me? What is that doing to my daughter?”

Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Jessica Simpson Collection
Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Jessica Simpson Collection

She added, “What we’re doing on social media is creating this idea of what is beautiful and setting up our lives artificially — to look good for who?” It’s a good point, and a great reminder for moms.

Simpson shared photos of her youngest daughter’s 4th birthday party in March, and included the sweetest caption about her little girl.

“Birdie Mae Johnson is 4!!!” Simpson wrote. “This adorable wonder of a unicorn kiddo illuminates every color in the rainbow…her favorite color…Birdie magically makes us laugh AT ALL TIMES capturing attention from EVERYONE! She is uniquely and effortlessly herself. This little lady celebrates and twirls through her life in tutus with a pure unique understanding in her soul of glitter sparkles.”

Simpson went on, “We love her SO VERY MUCH and she knows it. Birdie is a symphony of STARDUST and born to SHINE. I smiled the entire time writing this because even when she isn’t home, I feel her presence glowing inside of me. Bird puts the HAPPY to the BIRTHDAY.”

She also wrote a heartfelt post about her eldest daughter Maxell in honor of her birthday. “On May 1, 2012, my first born, Maxwell Drew Johnson arrived into this life as a sentient being seemingly not of this world,” Simpson wrote.

“In the purest of form, her mind heart and soul ascended from the grace of heaven to shine in profound ways. I felt her purpose in my life when I was a kid and I would pray for my future daughter every single day and night,” she shared. “I know that most Moms would say please slow down time when their baby turns 11, but I have truly known her my entire life. Reading back on 30 yrs of conversations with God throughout my journal entries, it is evident that Maxwell was already living inside of my heart and my purpose.”

Simpson added, “You are mesmerizing, steadfast, intelligent, passionate, generous, loving, devoted, inspiring, enticing, confident, empathetic, powerful, intuitive, beautiful, DETERMINED, enlightened and FULL OF WONDER. The faith of a child is what keeps all of us ALIVE.”

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