Kate Beckinsale Finally Gets a Happy Reunion With Her Daughter After 2 Years Apart Due to COVID

Did your heart break the first time you dropped off your baby at daycare? Did you blink back the tears driving away from summer camp? Well, Kate Beckinsale feels your pain — and maybe then some.

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Last week, the British actress revealed on Live with Kelly and Ryan that she wasn’t able to see her daughter for two years due to COVID-19. For starters, Beckinsale lives in Los Angeles, and her only child, Lily, 22, is based in New York City, so it’s not like they could easily swing by each other’s houses during the pandemic. And then, when travel restrictions eased, Beckinsale went to work in Canada, and no visitors were allowed on set. This extended their time apart even more.

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“Two years of not seeing your child is, to me, the most preposterous thought. It’s ridiculous,” Beckinsale said. We couldn’t agree more.

Like most of us, mom and daughter managed to bridge the distance with the help of technology. “Thank goodness for FaceTime,” Beckinsale said, adding that they were concerned they wouldn’t recognize each other after all the time apart. “We’re both panicking that we’ll look really old to each other.” 

Luckily, the two were finally reunited Friday at John F. Kennedy International Airport, in New York, when Beckinsale flew into town to promote her new movie, Jolt. And while everyone was wearing masks, we’re just going to go ahead and assume that those are mega-watt grins on their faces — and it looks like they managed to pick each other out in the crowd after all. 

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