Macklemore Jokes ‘Birth Control’ Is the Only Way to Prepare for Two Kids

Got his hands full! Macklemore and his wife, Tricia Davis, welcomed their second daughter in March 2018 — and the transition from one to two kids was not a walk in the park.

His only advice for that big jump? “Birth control,” the Grammy winner, 35, told Us Weekly exclusively. “No, I think you can’t really prepare.”

He went on to gush about his baby girls, Sloan, 3, and Colette, 11 months. “Watching [Sloan] be an older sister is just magic and how sweet she is,” Macklemore said. “And watching Colette, she just stares at Sloan. Daddy’s like whatever, but Sloan, this huge smile in these eyes.”

While the musician’s youngest is still too little to understand what her dad does, her older sister is all about it.

“She’s been up on stage with me a couple times,” the “Marmalade” rapper told Us. “She wants to hear my music in the car which is a blessing and a curse. I’ve heard a lot of my own music already and it’s like the same song. … There’s a song off Gemini called “Fire Breather,” which is this electric guitar song that she just loves and screams in the backseat of the car.”

Not only does she love belting out tunes on the road, but Sloan also has a guitar and a microphone and wants to be on American Idol. “She dances around the house,” the American Music Award winner said. “She’s a creative spirit.”

Having two baby girls at home has given the Washington native a change of perspective.

“When we’re looking in the mirror everyday it’s not like we can see ourselves aging every two weeks or whatever, but you do see your kids changing fast,” Macklemore, who has partnered with LIFEWTR to bring art back to schools, explained. “There’s an impermanence to this thing and it’s amazing and beautiful. And I want to get the most out of it.”

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