The Ministry sees no regional accumulation of

In the case of Arm and Hand malformations and neonatal health Ministry of North Rhine-Westphalia in recent years, “no obvious Trends and regional clusters”. The Ministry announced in Düsseldorf. The authority had asked, in all maternity hospitals of the Federal state to malformations in the years 2017 to 2019.

The occasion of a two weeks ago known accumulation of Hand malformations in the newborn of a Gelsenkirchen-based clinic was. In the Sankt Marien-Hospital Buer had come between mid-June and early September, three children, in each of which a Hand was formed. Previously, it had been there, according to the clinic for years, not a single such case. Read here what are the causes of a child’s doctor thinks is possible.

According to the Ministry, 2017, 2018 and 2019, a total of 72, 64 and 61 malformations of the upper extremities in newborns in NRW were reported.

The aim of the query was to get an insight whether a similar malformations were such as occurred in Gelsenkirchen. In addition to the data of the hospitals in the data for the quality assurance of the doctors were obtained in addition to chambers.

The information according to the feedback of the hospitals are very comprehensive and detailed. Have not been reported, therefore, only Hand malformations, but also other malformations of the upper limb such as, for example, a lot of finger durability.

Significantly less than 0.1 percent of births

“The Figures of the feedback to malformations of the hands are of a magnitude that are based on the annual number of births – according to the first evaluation significantly below 0.1 percent of the births”, the Ministry announced. “According to the currently available data, no obvious Trends and regional clusters – without further evaluation – evident.”

In order to analyze the feedback of the hospitals in more depth and with more data, will the NRW-Ministry of health the present data well in detail by the land centre for health consider. “There is a need in the next steps an in-depth analysis of the frequencies of such abnormalities,” it said in the message.

Anxious Pregnant women, the Ministry is advised to consult your gynecologist to get out of there advice. To discuss further actions, the düsseldorf Ministry of health is according to their own information in the exchange with other provinces and the Federal government.