The Provision for children’s work

Hardly it is on the world, a Baby to the doctor. And a few days after that for the next Time, a few weeks later again and then again and again. Preventive examinations are in the first years of life, everyday life for parents and children. Ten pieces, including Vaccinations and first dental visits.

There are several reasons, says Ingeborg Krägeloh-Mann, Medical Director of the University children’s hospital Tübingen, Germany. “The screening is all about, to discover diseases and developmental disorders as early as possible”, explains the President of the German society for child and youth medicine (DGKJ). “Because often, the prospects of healing are particularly large, if the disease is detected at an early stage.”

For this reason, children when U are measured-to-date, for example, always and weighed. The child for its size is lightweight, can be an indication of an intolerance – celiac disease. Then you can intervene quickly. However, in this example, how hard the investigation is: The early symptoms in children are often non-specific, and not every light-weight has an intolerance. “This may also just be that a child does not want to eat,” said Krägeloh-Mann.

U1 to U6 are provided in the first year of life. At the end of the second year of life, the U7 follows, at the end of the third, the U7a, which was introduced a few years ago. A year later, it goes to U8, and from the fifth birthday to the U9.

The examination is not a test

In the case of the Pension, it is not only the physical development but also the mental and motor. “The doctor asks after certain milestones of the development – whether the child is already free for example,” explains Krägeloh-Mann. Also to help detect diseases and developmental disorders early.

For concerned parents, these issues are sometimes a reason to make yourself crazy. According to the Motto: “Tomorrow is U6, but the child is not crawling yet.” However, this is wrong. The examination is not a test. “The development of children, no timetables and no fixed order,” says Bettina Lamm from the lower Saxony Institute for early childhood education and development. “Some crawl and sit, for others it is Vice versa.” And some of the children crawling never, but the seals only and then run the same. The pediatricians know the Preventive, explains Krägeloh-Mann.

Example, free, stable, Go With 18 months, 90 per cent of tots to master the. “If a child can’t do this, then, is it not an indication that a disease is present,” says the expert. “The probability is higher that there is a Problem.” Then going to a closer look.

Some children are faster, some slower

Parents do not have to Worry if your child can certain things still, or with a little more time. “There are children who are fast everywhere, there are children everywhere, more slowly,” says lamb. If the pace of development has an impact on subsequent skills had been studied hardly, says the expert. “But you can say that children, the run for nine months, later, also the best athletes – just like the running until later, is not automatically an unsportsmanlike or so.”

Anyone who is unsure, but can nachhorchen to the doctor – because the Provision is there, said Krägeloh-Mann. Finally, in the everyday life of parents a lot of small questions, for which no-one sets over to the waiting room. You write so best and provides you to the U-date bundled.

Specifications for the checkups

To do this, an ugly reason for screening: neglect of a child, it can be noticed here. “This is also an obligation of the company, with children not taking care of, in which the parents can,” said Krägeloh-Mann.

Children have a legal right to the ten checkups. This means, among other things, that the insurance companies cover the cost – just as for recommended vaccinations. Add to that up to the sixth birthday, a total of six dental visits for early detection of caries on a cash cost. The prerequisite for the assumption of costs in the case of U-dates, however, is that parents stick to the given time span.

A statutory duty for the visit of the investigations, there is not. In some States, parents will be reminded by Mail to participate. And if someone does not appear to Prevention, possibly the youth welfare office. Day-care centres or schools may also request a receipt for the participation in the study. For this, parents need not show the entire yellow book, the results of the investigations documented. The detachable participation card.