This Dad With COVID-19 Hid His Symptoms to Meet His Newborn & It's Not OK

There are many dos and don’ts amid the novel coronavirus outbreak. Missing your child’s birth, for example, sucks. Still, these protocols are in place for a reason. If we want to stop the spread of COVID-19, we all have to make sacrifices. However, some people, aren’t following the rules. A few weeks ago, a man took his daughter to a father-daughter school dance mere hours after a family member was diagnosed with the virus. Last week, a man was found guilty of hiding his COVID-19 symptoms to so that he could sneak in a visit to his wife and newborn at the Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester maternity ward.

This scenario probably happened with the best of intentions (I mean, no one wants to miss the birth of their baby), but it’s far from reasonable. Shortly after the mother gave birth and started showing symptoms, her husband admitted to concealing his own symptoms. Neither have officially tested positive, but the man should have stayed away from the hospital entirely so as not to infect his wife, newborn child, and other patients. Ultimately, the hospital implemented stricter rules to prevent this from happening again by screening visitors for symptoms and taking their temperatures. Other affiliated hospitals have also guaranteed to do the same. 

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This. It holds a special place in my heart. It so accurately shows a glimpse into the NICU and our time there. This is the room where I first laid eyes on my baby boy. It's where we prayed like never before. It's where we cried until we had no more tears. It's where we made new friends through a bond we never dreamed of sharing. It's where our first photo as a family of four was taken. It's where I spent countless hours pumping. It's where I attempted and failed to nurse my last baby. It's the place Nadia referred to as ”Ronan’s house.” It was home to our family in our time of need. ​ I can’t drive by this building without my chest tightening and my eyes watering. Not because it makes me sad, but because in some weird way I miss it. I miss the support we had there, the feeling of comfort and hope that surrounded us even on the worst days. Time stood still and everything was in perspective there. And while there are so many moments I wish I didn’t have to live through in this place, I will always be thankful for the way it changed my life. To every doctor and nurse that cared for us, thank you. We think of you often, your calling is one that receives eternal rewards. On your worst days, please know you are making a difference. You carried us through, you carried me through the darkest days of my life. We are two years out and I still can’t adequate express the place you hold in my heart. On this last day of September, NICU awareness month, know that the little boy you brought back to life the summer of 2017, against all odds, walked to his mommy this morning. Your job matters. #NICUAwarenessmonth #golisanochildrenshospital #strongmemorialhospital

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“In keeping with guidelines issued by the Monroe County Department of Public Health, UR Medicine hospitals have implemented a zero-visitation policy to further our efforts to protect patients and staff from the spread of COVID-19,” UR Medicine wrote on their site. “We understand that this will be difficult for our patients and their loved ones, but we believe that this is a necessary step to promote the safety of our new mothers and children.”

The hospital reassured patients that they can Skype, Facetime, and stay in touch virtually with their loved ones during their stay. Anyone who’s given birth knows this isn’t enough — but saving lives is most important right now.

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