This Husband Has a Breastfeeding 'Rule' for His Wife & Reddit is Coming For Him

A husband is trying to enforce a breastfeeding rule on his wife and she’s got a circle of Reddit supporters who are having none of it. The wife took to AITA message board to share a rundown of the situation and asked who was in the wrong. “My husband (24M) and I are going over labor and recovery now,” she wrote. “His family (m,d & bro) are coming to visit on their way to vacation. He knows I want to try and breastfeed and he said his one ‘rule’ is to not BF in front of his family.”

The husband claims that it would make his brother and dad uncomfortable. He suggested that his wife go upstairs every time she needs to feed their baby.

“My problem is I will be in recovery and am supposed to rest so stairs happening that often seems like a problem to me,” the Reddit user wrote. “I told him it’s about my recovery and bonding to baby and his family can just leave the room or just NOT LOOK if they’re uncomfortable.” Her husband won’t back down, even when she tried to offer using a cover part of the time.

“WIBTA for telling him to F off?” she asked. Nope, was the response from Reddit. Not at all. The overwhelming consensus was that the family shouldn’t be stopping this mom from feeding her child whenever and wherever she needs to. Also, climbing up and down stairs after giving birth can be super painful for a new mom.

“They’re coming to stay in her house immediately after she gives birth,” one commenter wrote. “The only thing anyone should be concerned about is her and the baby’s health and comfort wtf? NTA.” A mom added that she has had her own experience with a family member not wanting to see her breastfeed— and it was all handled very differently.

“When I had my daughter, my dad was a little uncomfortable about the whole breastfeeding thing, so HE walked away when it was time to feed her,” she noted. “Out of respect, when I was visiting them I would go into a different room, but in my own home he would walk away if he was uncomfortable. NTA, OP. If they have a problem, then they can remove themselves.”

One Reddit user offered an alternate plan for the mom-to-be. “I’ve had three c-sections. While the recovery isn’t as bad as I was expecting, a flight of stairs every 2 hours would have been horrible, especially carrying the baby,” the person explained. “If the husband won’t see reason, I would just make myself comfortable upstairs with snacks, and not come down at all.”

And then there was this helpful thought: “Simple solution… his family goes upstairs if they are that uncomfortable.”

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