Weighed at birth only 268 grams: early from Japan with parents home

Only 268 grams, it weighed a preemie from Japan at the time of his birth in August 2018 and miraculously survived. Now the Boy was allowed to leave with his parents, the clinic in Tokyo.

Something wasn’t right. In August of last year, the Doctors of the mother, sounded the Alarm: your Baby had to grow in her belly stopped. The only way: a emergency C-section. A risky action, after all, the mother was only 24. Week of pregnancy. A dramatic struggle for the Survival of the Frühchens began.

Now the Doctors at the Keio University hospital in Tokyo, announced the happy turn, reported the English-language daily newspaper "The Japan Times": The Baby was allowed to travel two months after the expected date of delivery together with mom and dad home. In the meantime, the Small whole weighs in at 3.238 kg and drinks hardworking mother’s milk. “I can only say how happy I am,” said his mother. With such a Happy ending you had not expected.

With 268 grams not the lightest premature baby in the world

The little Boy from Japan, however, is not the easiest Baby, the thought of a premature birth. Only 229 grams weighed in with a girl from Witten (Nordrhein-Westfalen), which was born in the year of 2015.