5 tips: skin care in menopause

Many women in their forties and fifties are surprised when their skin changes and age spots, or acne may occur. There is a lot you can do to such a hormonal, skin-related minimize changes to. A Dermatologist also gives tips for healthy, flawless skin in middle age and beyond.

For the care of the skin during the menopause the dermatologist Dr. Diane S. Berson recommends:

1. Dry skin avoid

When the estrogen level drops, can dry the skin. To prevent this, you should use a mild detergent – normal soap dries the skin out, may to very. Berson advises in addition to a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid or Glycerin, which is applied daily to the chin and neck.

2. Help relieve the itching

Cool, wet compresses to relieve itching. A clean towel or wash cloth, soak it in cold water, wring out and apply to the itchy skin. Afterwards apply moisturizer. A Haferflockenbad can help Berson said. “Use water when bathing use warm, but not hot and Pat skin dry as opposed to rubbing,” advises the Physician.

3. First aid for acne

Acne in the menopause, Berson advises the use of a mild cleaning agent from the pharmacy that contains benzoyl peroxide. Caution: acne products that dry out the skin, can aggravate the skin blemishes. Also, from the expressions of pustules and Scratching Berson holds nothing, because scars may remain behind. In case of doubt, a dermatologist can help.

4. Age spots treatment and prevention

Protect your skin from the sun, age spots, prevent: Wear a sunscreen with a high protection factor of all of the skin on areas not covered with clothing before going out into the open. This helps to age spots paler, to prevent the formation of new stains and reduce the risk for skin cancer. Further measures, such as staying in the shade, wear protective clothing and sunglasses for extra sun protection. In addition, there are a number of products, for lightening of age spots.

5. On Verächanges in the eighth

Berson warns: "Remember that skin cancer can sometimes look like an old stain, and that the risk of skin cancer increases with age. Therefore, it is important to examine the skin regularly." You will discover new spots or changes on your skin that itch or bleed, make an appointment with a dermatologist.


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