7 things you immediately unappealing to make

Most people want to look appealing to others. However, many of the supposedly positive features of the opposite exactly – as scientific studies show. What you should avoid the habit of may be.

1. You are selfless

Team members who behave particularly selfless act on their comrades rather unappealing. The researchers at the Washington State University and the Desert Research Institute found. One possible reason: The selfless, the other, the worse we feel ourselves to be – and not like us, of course. Or: We assume that behind the selfless Act a selfish ulterior motive.

2. You ask a lot of questions – but telling nothing about yourself

Who asks questions, shows interest. That’s the hallmark of a good conversationalist. You should not forget, but also something of himself. After all, who squeezing out other, and that his private hiding life, not the Opposite. Scientists from Michigan and New York brought together different subjects in a twelve-minute-long sessions. People chatted animatedly, seemed more sympathetic to her than those of the holes that the Partner only with questions.

3. Your profile picture is a Close-up

So that everyone can see, you have set up on social platforms and Job portals have a profile picture that shows her face in close-up? You should replace dear. Experts from the California Institute of Technology showed subjects various profile pictures. The camera was the Cause of just 45 centimeters from face, seemed to be the Person shown to be less attractive, trustworthy, and competent than the faces, which were taken from a distance of 135 centimeters.

4. You have too many Facebook friends – or too little

Researchers at the Michigan State University presented to students, fictitious Facebook Profiles. The subjects were asked whom they found sympathetic and who’s not. At best the Accounts of users arrived with around 300 friends. Those who had much less (around 100) friends or a lot more, seemed rather unappealing.

A User with few friends work probably just as antisocial as a user, especially a lot of Facebook-friends gather around them. In the latter case, one might get the impression that you spend more time in the virtual world than in the real.

However, the test persons had in average of 300 friends. This could also mean that people feel attracted to people with a similar big virtual circle of friends especially.

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5. You share lots of photos on the Internet

Those who share photos on social platforms, allows others to share his life – and that should arrive in the circle of friends. I was wrong. Researchers at the University of Birmingham found that A flood of Facebook images is damaging to the relationships in real life. The British survey shows that those Who post many photos with the family, and collides with the friends. The other way relatives do not want to see, apparently, too many photos of friends.

6. You have to show false modesty

You will be asked during the Job Interview, what is your biggest weakness, and she replies: “I’m so much of a perfectionist.” Or: “I work too hard.” This false humility will take you, unfortunately, not automatically in the next round. The betrayed academic staff in the framework of a study by the Harvard Business School. Better opportunities for candidates to practice real criticism to have. If you are sometimes a little disorganized, or in certain situations, overreact to enter the open.

7. You enter with your friends

Because you have famous friends, you are in for other desirable? That’s not necessarily true. The so-called Name Dropping acts on fellow human beings, often arrogant. Scientists from Zurich investigated, in the framework of the E-Mail experiment.