A man or a woman: Who likes talking about Sex?

Maybe men think more than women to the A – but women talk more open about it. Why is that and what are the genders in terms of the most beautiful secondary matter of the world, reveals Sex-Podcasterin Isa from “Oh Baby!”

Since three seasons of Sex Podcasterin Isa speaks not only about your own sex life, but receives daily messages from your handset, and the contact with the problems and experiences to you. “80 percent of the messages we get come from women,” said Isa, the “Oh Baby!”, one of the most successful Sex-Podcasts of Germany, moderated. Women communicate more openly about Sex, this is also confirmed by numerous studies. But why is that? Isa explains in the new Episode of Focus podcast “Who, if not us?”: “I have the feeling that some men think that it is embarrassing to have in relation to Sex questions."


Rigid gender roles and the idea of the strong man, which does not allow any vulnerability, is not only one of the reasons why many men trust their sexual needs openly. But that’s exactly what can be the Problem and frustration to worry about.

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In the current Episode “Who, if not us?” is therefore all the small and large differences between the sexes and the question: How strongly do pre-lived gender roles and stereotypes shape us? Why are sexually perceived to be active men other than sexually active women? And who actually believes the myth of a great love – and what’s the point anyway?


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