A nasal spray with cortisone: to pay health insurance again

Some patients suffering from allergic rhinitis, cortisone-containing nose sprays now back to the recipe, and thus at the expense of the statutory health insurance funds. In 2016, the drugs of the prescription were exempted. Legally insured patients had to wear since the cost of the Sprays.

Professional societies argued that in the case of a moderate-to-severe persistent allergic the regulation of cortisone runny nose-containing nasal sprays on prescription. "We are very happy that we have the Joint Federal Committee of this measure, convince konnten", Prof. Martin car man, ENT section, speaker of the German society for Allergology and Clinical immunology (DGAKI). A permanent runny nose could be an Allergy on a house dust-the case of mites, or when a Person was on early flowering as birch, hazel, alder, and grasses and herbs allergic. Of a moderate to severe allergic rhinitis to speak, when it come to disturbing symptoms, impairment of sleep, problems at work or school, and limitations in sports or leisure. "This signs and symptoms most patients with allergic Schnupfen&quot reports; explains the man in the Car.

In the case of Doctors and patients, the discharge from the prescription in the year 2016 (aponet.de reported) caused a criticism. "If patients get drugs without a prescription at the pharmacy, you have no reason to see a doctor to gehen", says the man in the Car. "You will then receive but also a qualified diagnosis, and an incorrect self-medication could sein&quot the result;. Also information about other effective treatment options, such as the causative treating Allergen-immunotherapy (AIT), you will not receive patients to treat themselves.


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