Alternative to the condom: The pill for the man to test phase – to-Video

Researchers have tested a new potential contraceptive for men. The pill for men has proved to be a real Alternative. The drug inhibits testosterone production in the testes.

It was due to the anti-baby pill, IUDs or other hormonal therapies – so far, prevention is mostly the responsibility of women. The men want to take responsibility here, mostly the condom. But that should change now. Researchers at the University of Washington have tested a hormonal active ingredient. This inhibits the production of the body’s own testosterone in the testes and interfere with sperm production. The funds should come as a tablet on the market, and as a “pill for the man”.

Pill inhibits testosterone

Last year, scientists tested a drug that has been proved as a potential contraceptive. The new active ingredient 11-Beta-Methyl-19-nortestosterone-Dodekylcarbonat or short-11-Beta-MNTDC has now provided an even better test results.

The “pill” for men, the researchers tested 40 healthy male participants. While ten received a Placebo, the rest were given the right drug to be administered. Over a period of 28 days, the testers took once daily the pill.



In ten years

The result: In the case of men, the revenue, the real pill, decreased testosterone levels significantly. In part, however, even to values that were sick. As a side effect of the subjects reported harmless complaints, such as fatigue, headache, or acne. Five complained about a slight reduction of your desire.

Co-author Christina Wang from the Biomed Research Institute in Los Angeles says, "Our results suggest that this pill can reduce the sperm production and Libido in men remains the same.“

The prognosis of de teams of researchers is A safe, hormonal contraception for the man to be in about ten years.