As you had sunburn

For three days an infection in the body of the 16-Year-old spread seems to be, as long as it is bad. As she is looking for morning help in the emergency room, it hurts your entire body, your nauseous, your head hurts and you feel not to get enough air. In addition, she has palpated a lump in the right breast, accidentally.

The 16-Year-old is a competitive swimmer. In the past, she suffered from Asthma, otherwise, she was healthy, write to the physician to Gregory Taylor from the US American Beaumont Hospital in Farmington Hills in the magazine “Oxford Medical Case Reports”.

In a first investigation, the young people makes a good impression, you are not in a panic. Also, the main values are in order, from blood pressure to body temperature. On Palpation of the right chest, the Athlete reacts to a place-sensitive, node, but the doctors can’t find.

Routinely, the Doctors will continue their investigations, x-ray of the chest, an ultrasound of the abdominal cavity and send blood to the lab. Everything seems to be normal. Finally, the 16-Year-old gets an Infusion in order to supply your body with liquid, and an agent that relieves pain muscle.

As her condition improved, discharged the Doctors the young people for lunch. You should consult a gynecologist and come back if it is worse.

Yourself afternoon: rash, as if she had sunburn

On the same afternoon, the 16-Year-old to the gynecologist appears to be, your parents accompany you. Within a few hours, a knot grew in her chest, you can immediately feel. Now the young people also acts ill, has chills, and their temperature is increased. A rash covering your body that looks like a sunburn and print his color loses. Your face, your neck, your back, your legs, everything is red.

The heart of the 16-Year-old grid with 102 beats per Minute, her blood pressure has dropped to 92 to 47 mmHg – normal values are up to 100 to 60 mmHg. The gynecologist sent the youth immediately to the emergency room.

The symptoms, especially the rash and low blood pressure, talk for a extremely dangerous illness, image: The young woman could suffer from a toxic shock syndrome. The body does not respond directly to pathogens, but toxins that secrete this. This was triggered primarily by bacteria of the species Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes are. Toxic shock syndrome is an emergency. Depending on the type of bacteria die between five and ten percent of those Affected.

Almost always women are affected by toxic shock syndrome. By more used Tampons, it seems, can proliferate in the vagina live bacteria further toxins to form. Also, contraceptives such as a diaphragm can increase the risk. The 16-Year-old but had three weeks ago, the last of your period. Since then, she has used Tampons, more, they, too, used no contraception.

The knob is to blame?

In rare cases, toxic shock syndrome occurs independently of Menstruation. Then, it is often a result of bacterial infections, such as skin diseases, burns, or insect bites.

Depends on the lumps in the right breast with the complaints?

From the outside, no inflammation is apparent. The keys, however, the physicians feel a about a 2.5 cm large, Something in the depth of the chest. As you look at the tissue in the ultrasound showing multiple Abscesses – inflamed, pus-filled, which has encapsulated the body. You could be poisons the source of the Bacteria.

Abscesses in the breast usually arise when pathogens enter through the nipple in the body. Often Staphylococcus aureus is the trigger. The bacteria are also their toxins cause toxic shock syndrome.

The Doctors, the 16-Year-olds, two different antibiotics, initially your blood pressure will drop precipitously, however. Your organs no longer threaten to be an adequate supply of blood. The young people come to the ICU, where she will be norepinephrine, a stress hormone, which stimulates the circulation.

On the same day, the Doctors to remove the Abscess from her chest. Studies of the Fluid show later that in fact Staphylococcus aureus bacteria that have caused the inflammation.

After the procedure, the 16 recovers-Year-old quickly. The next day, the Doctors can deduct the stress hormone, after four days, the young people will be dismissed, she should take ten more days of antibiotics. In a follow-up examination one month later, the 16-Year-old is completely healthy and has again started with the swimming.