Australia has once again imposed a curfew for Melbourne due to corona crisis

Melbourne goes to Corona rise again in the Lockdown. More than five million inhabitants the second largest city in the country, Australia must remain at home, as the head of the government of the Federal state of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, announced on Tuesday. The curfew will come at midnight, and valid for at least six weeks.

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“We can not do so, as if the corona virus crisis is over,” said Andrews. In the last 24 hours 191 new cases were registered. The Virus could not be followed given this number back. For school children in Melbourne, this means a return to Learning from home. Restaurants and cafes are only allowed to sell Take-away food.

The whole state of Victoria is practically on lockdown

Even if the curfew in the Metropolitan region of Melbourne are concerned, is virtually cordoned off the entire state of Victoria from the Rest of the country, as also at midnight, the boundaries of the state are closed. This was announced by the Australian government on Monday. For parts of Melbourne, an output was due to new foci of infection in a number of high-rise buildings already lock until the end of July.

Australia’s authorities have so far registered almost 9000 Corona cases and 106 Deaths. In most other regions of the country, the Corona-relaxed rules now and again.

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