Bioresonance therapy

The concept of bioresonance is made up of the words “bios” (Greek for “life”) and “resonare” (Latin for “resonate”, “resonate”). Freely translated it means as much as “life vibration”. The bioresonance therapy (BRT) assumes that every living being with an individual electric has a magnetic field that influences all biochemical processes in the body. These individual energetic vibrations, it should be done with the help of a device measured, visible and evaluated. Accordingly, “healthy to” “disordered” and “pathological” oscillations differ. Due to the bioresonance therapy, healthy vibrations are to be supported, and dysfunctional or pathological, or wiped out can be attenuated.

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Other names for the bioresonance therapy, MORA-therapy, Biophysical information therapy, bio therapy, Diagnostic Resonance or multi-resonance therapy.

History of bioresonance therapy

Around the year 1920, the American physician Dr. Albert Adams has developed with the introduction of the so-called Radionics, the basis for bioresonance therapy method. In 1977, she was made by the German doctor Franz Morell and the engineer Erich Rasche as MORA-therapy is known. “MORA” is made up of the first two letters of your last name. Morell and Rasche developed the first bio-resonance device: two electrodes, which the Patient holds in his hands, to be made so that the individual vibrations are measurable. They are then inverted with the device (“reverse”) and into the body back.

In the 1990s, the Name of MORA-therapy of many the therapist has not been used on the inside and therapists as Morell was a Scientologist, and the method of therapy was among the first in the criticism. Therefore, have been used since then, more of the above-mentioned alternative name “bioresonance therapy” are the most.

Possible mode of action of the bioresonance therapy

The founder of the bioresonance therapy were of the Belief that each body has in the healthy state, a certain electro-magnetic vibration. Certain factors may result from their point of view, however, that this vibration is changing, and from the healthy into the sick area of the device. Reasons for this can be, for example, bacteria, viruses, vaccines, toxins or allergens, inflammatory processes in the body, but also mental Stress or heartache. By the bioresonance therapy the vibrations are to be measured, evaluated, and again in the next step in the healthy range.

For the measurement of individual oscillations, the patient or the Patient device is connected to a Bioresonance. For this purpose, electrodes attached to various parts of the body, for example on the hands, feet, ears, on acupuncture points or on internal organs. According to the assumption of the founder of this therapy method, the vibrations pass through the electrodes in the device and evaluated there. In the device, the frequencies of various “pathological substances are to be stored”. With these, the pattern of the patient or of the patient are compared. So can be said to be between the healthy and the abnormal fluctuations are distinguished. The pathological oscillations are inverted (“opposite”), and then via the electrodes in the body is fed back, which should lead to a weakening or, in the best case, deletion of the negative frequencies. Through this “fire therapy” on the one hand eliminates all the negative vibrations in the body but also the self-healing powers are stimulated.

In which diseases of the bioresonance therapy is to help?

According to representatives of this method of therapy bioresonance therapy is to bring in a variety of diseases and ailments relief. To metal pollution of the body, pollen Allergy and hay-fever, bronchial Asthma, include rashes and eczema, and inflammation of the digestive tract, migraines, pain conditions, rheumatic diseases, chronic fatigue and exhaustion, problems in the Tooth and jaw area, as well as psychosomatic problems such as addictions of the skin.

When should not be used in bioresonance therapy?

Since electromagnetic fields can influence the function of a pacemaker is unfavorable, is not suitable for bioresonance therapy for patients with a pacemaker.

General Notes

For this method of treatment is no scientific evidence exist to date. It falls into the category of alternative medical procedures. Many therapists have made in the application in their patients, nevertheless a good experience. Whether a Placebo effect or actual active properties of this therapy is the form that has not been clarified. As for the bioresonance therapy, however, no side effects were observed, there is no reason to test the method when promises to be a success. Only if you wear a pacemaker is not suitable method for you.

In any case, you should clarify in advance with your treating doctor or the treating Doctor, whether a bioresonance therapy comes in their complaints in question. No serious health problems should be treated without prior clarification with a physician or a health care professional exclusively with the help of bioresonance therapy. The cost for a bioresonance therapy will not be covered by health insurance usually. (kh)

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