Blood group convert: From A 0 do

Canadian researchers have managed to blood group A in the universal blood group 0 to be reprogrammed. Since the latter is well tolerated by all people, could revolutionise the discovery of the Transfusion and emergency medicine.

Scientists have found that two specific enzymes from human gut bacteria to gnaw on the blood group characteristics of the type A and the cells in the blood group 0 convert – a type that is accepted by the recipients in General. As a result, the shortage of donors could reduce blood. Even tiny amounts of bacteria in the intestine called Flavonifractor plautii, which were added to the blood, removed the characteristics of the blood group A reliable.

Alone in the hospitals in the United States daily, 16,500 liters of donated blood. A blood transfusion is successful, you need to match the blood groups of the patient and the donor together. People usually wear one of the four blood groups A, B, AB or 0. If a Person with type A blood receives type B, the blood group characteristics of the donor’s own immune system as foreign, and launches a deadly attack on the blood cells. Blood cells of type 0 in the absence of such characteristics, so that this blood group matching as a universal donor blood to recipients of other blood groups. A method of converting blood group A in the type-0, could relieve, therefore in the future bottlenecks.

In order to improve the supply of universal blood, had tried to scientists for years to transform the blood of type A. They failed, however, to the fact that the previously known enzymes were not efficient enough. After four years, the Team has made, therefore, in the case of intestinal bacteria on the search for potentially more appropriate enzymes and were able to find.