Boy inhales fish vapors out of the kitchen and dies

Tragic end of a family visit: An eleven-year-old Boy died in the US state of New York, after he had inhaled the fumes of boiling food from the kitchen. As the Washington Post reported, suffered the child has a known Allergy to seafood, and was with his father on a visit at the grandmother. This cod is prepared in the kitchen. In the course of the visit, the child will have sneezing suddenly started to.

For cases like these, the family had an asthma spray. However, the device does not seemed to work this Time. The Boy could not breathe in the Spray appears to be correct. As the father of the “Washington Post” reported, had alerted the family immediately to the emergency services. In the hospital, however, could be only determined the child’s death.

A spokesman for the New York city health Department confirmed the death to the newspaper, but stressed that the cause of death of the boy has not yet been finally clarified. According to the father, the child had developed a severe allergic reaction after breathing the fish vapour.

Very sensitive people can react to fish vapour

“Allergic reactions to fish are caused mainly by a certain type of protein: the Parvalbuminen,” says Professor Torsten Zuberbier, Director of the allergie-Centrum-Charité in Berlin in an ECARF-fact sheet. Especially fish with white muscle tissue contain a lot of Parvalbumine. The materials are considered to be relatively heat-resistant – both raw as well as cooked fish can cause accordingly, allergic symptoms.

“While an allergic reaction is usually triggered through the consumption of Fish, to develop very sensitive people have a history of allergic complaints, if you inhale the steam of a fish court. Also, the Inhalation of dust of dried fish or contact with the skin, for example, in the case of fish processing, may cause an Allergy,” making beer more.

It is possible that people develop due to the Inhalation of fish attenuate allergic symptoms, confirmed, Adela Taylor, an Allergy expert at the Mayo Clinic in Eau Claire, opposite the “Washington Post”. However, these cases are “very rare”.

Symptoms of a fish Allergy

Fish is among the foods that trigger particularly common food allergies. In Europe, approximately 0.1% of the population are allergic to fish. The symptoms can vary widely and range from a tingling sensation in the mouth and throat, Asthma to severe respiratory distress and cardiac arrest (anaphylactic shock). Under certain circumstances, the skin is involved, it itches and reddens. Other victims develop abdominal pain, vomiting, or diarrhea.

Fish Allergy need to avoid known triggers. Which in the individual case, should be determined in close consultation with an allergist. A severe fish Allergy and the risk of anaphylactic shock, is Affected must always carry an Emergency kit. It contains an adrenaline auto-injector, a corticosteroid and an antihistamine.