Bras with Weights: An Ex-Model is reported on the sick anorexic craze in the fashion world

The story of Jessica Berg’s reads, initially, like a true has become a modern fairy-tale. At the age of 17, the young woman from the vicinity of Frankfurt am Main is discovered on a wine festival. She has a striking face, a recognition value. A graceful, slender body. Fast mount is a sought-after Model. You runs for Top brands such as Dior, Calvin Klein and Valentino on the catwalk, modelling for the Online retailer Zalando, lives temporarily in Singapore and New York.

Lose weight despite weight

The downside: Jessica Bergs is constantly under pressure. To be able to as a top model to work, it needs a to take their hip measurements of 87 centimeters. This corresponds to a dress size 32 or 34, which is significantly below the average for the same age women (36/38). Mount can’t hold the predetermined level. “I had, like, 90 around the hip, sometimes 91, and, perhaps, 53, 54 pounds, what is my size anyway still under weight,” says hill in an interview with “Frontal 21”. The young woman is still advised to lose weight. You should reduce the size of your thighs.

In the ZDF post another Model is quoted. She reported that she had been welcomed into a New York Agency with the words “Hi Fatty”,. “They all laughed. Then I was measured. 93. Still too much. I was recommended to fly to Brazil to my “love handles” suck…” (source: FAZ)

What model agencies respond to such statements? The ZDF-Reporter hook for a Hamburg-based Agency. Chanel and co. are “power sports” is the answer. You have to be ready to afford certain things.

The designer Jette Joop reports to the reporters of similar scenes, she knows from her youth on the side of her famous father, Wolfgang Joop: “In the case of photo shoots, it was as often said: ‘it is much to fat, has short legs, a pimple. That’s not the point.’ I always thought: they are all so beautiful. What’s going on?”

Jette Joop looks, the Designer of the obligation to

Joop sees that it is critical that the Designer can transform it to thin Models as art: “If I’m a bad Designer, and just a boring dress in grey and I didn’t think of it much, then I’ll just take a total large, thin girl with no curves,” says Joop in the Interview. The look then all of a sudden “cool”. “I now have someone clean, the 40, the Statement somehow.“ Unfortunately, it is also so that “the consumers and also the young people in these pictures” have become accustomed to. In their opinion, there had to be a slow withdrawal “back to normal”.

New Law

Skinny Models in France, you may not more on the catwalk

The worst Problem is shown not only on the catwalks. Photos for ads or magazines are often edited on the PC to allow the Models to be particularly slim. “Not everyone who looks at such images, developed a disorder, what is the extent of anorexia,” says Wally, Wünsch-Leiteritz, a Doctor, in a center of excellence for eating disorders. The Doctor but you have to keep in mind: “These images may trigger something that may be in the wrong hands at the wrong time is dangerous.”

Studies show that many women are dissatisfied with your body. At least every second woman to ever to thick felt. According to the Federal centre for health education (BZgA) apply more than 20 of 100 children and young people as suspicious about your Eating habits. You show symptoms of an eating disorder, are dissatisfied with their figure, or suffer from cravings. Girls are affected nearly twice as often as boys. As one of the reasons for the unrealistic body image that is conveyed to young people on Instagram and in advertising.

Models Bras to wear with Weights

Although protection measures are in place to prevent designers send a lot of too thin Models on the catwalk. In Spain, the Mannequins need to be before each fashion show weighed to check the minimum weight. But in reality, these requirements are easy to circumvent. In other countries, including Germany,do not exist the appropriate checks in the first place. A Spanish Agency had been advised to drink before the weigh-in a lot of water and a full Breakfast, Jessica Bergs. That’s not enough, there was a further Trick: brassieres, which were prepared with Weights. “Then you just cheated.”

“These are children’s sizes, the as-made”

“Punked” have you felt in such situations, mount. “The next Morning, one of the Agency then sits next to you and then it is not so that we can have the delicious Breakfast. But then again look: ‘Oh, what are you eating?'”

Two years ago, finished Jessica Bergs your career. But the pressure has left its mark, with which you can fight up to today. If you eat something, catch you sometimes you get a bad Conscience. “Which is complete madness, because the children are the sizes that are tailored.”

More on the subject of see you tonight by 21 clock in the ZDF “Frontal 21”.