Cara Delevingne’s Armpit Hair Is on Full Display—but There’s a Major Catch to the Look

Cara Delevingne is anything but shy when it comes to body positivity—but her latest body hair hack will make you laugh. On Thursday, the model and actress shared a shot of her armpits, showing off the wildly overgrown hair inside them.

As realistic as the hair covering her pits seems, it’s actually an armpit hair wig (well, two wigs to be exact).

Delevingne is currently promoting Her Smell, a new movie in which she costars with Elizabeth Moss. The faux hair appears to be a part of the costume of her punk rock band character, named Crassie Cassie.

In the caption, Delevingne explained that though she’s sporting the au natural look, she previously had her armpit hair removed permanently via laser. So she needed a little artificial assistance, hence the wigs under each pit.

“I never thought I would need armpit hair again after getting laser… I was wrong. Introducing ARMPIT WIGS! Thoughts?” Delevingne wrote. 

Within hours, the post amassed over 3,000 comments—many of which expressed their distaste for armpit hair by posting vomit and sick-face emojis.

Other fans gave their full support. “Funny how society conditions everyone to believe that how a natural feature of a woman’s body is ‘disgusting,’” wrote one commenter. 

“Love how so many people are throwing vomit emojis at something that’s been natural for thousands upon thousands of years,” another added. “If it were a man you’d probably call it sexy. I understand preferences, but let’s not make it a gross thing when it’s not.”

Delevingne followed up her first post with a second promotional shot in which she sniffs her armpits, once again putting the fake pit hair on display. 

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