Cold showers in the great heat? Why experts advise against

Pack your bathing trunks, let the blinds down On Germany the next heat wave. Temperatures up to 40 degrees to Splashing in pools and lakes, the heat can also be dangerous. What really protects against high temperatures?

The German weather service (DWD) has released this week for NRW heat warnings. Temperatures up to 40 degrees do not mean only bathing, you must protect the body in front of it. Heat-counselors, and peasant wisdoms provide various, and sometimes contradictory tips. I shower better cold or warm? I’m in the morning and in the evening or during the day? Who must especially watch out for? What really helps?


Rule number one: drink water. “2.5 to 3 Liter of water a day and I stress the water. The sweet sodas make you thirsty, and especially not with alcohol,“ says the specialist in Internal medicine, cardiology and pneumology at the University hospital of Bonn, Dirk Skowasch. Patients with heart or high blood pressure problems should discuss with your doctor a suitable concept for the Drink.

Also, the Federal centre for health education (BZgA) warns of alcoholic beverages. “In the heat and strong sunlight, alcohol acts faster and more intense. As a physical consequence, the blood vessels expand, blood pressure decreases and the risk for a circulatory collapse is increased,“ says Heidrun Thaiss, Director of the BZgA.

Lukewarm showers

If the sun is burning and the sweat is running, appears often nothing better than a cold shower. For the body, but unfortunately more of a burden than refreshment. “It’s like with ice-cold drinks. The body temperature then warm up again on the outside. The cost of energy,“ says Skowasch. So rather lukewarm showers.


“No Sport in the midday heat, and at such high temperatures,” advises the best-even of Bonn medical Skowasch. In the heat one can learn from the “Siesta” of the Spanish. Activities should be outside in the Morning or evening hours move.

And even when eating recommends Skowasch, to take it slow: “Dear several small meals, fruits and vegetables.” Also for four-legged friend protection Association shall be deemed to Lea Schmitz from the animal a lot of drinking and long walks laps in the heat to avoid: “Over lunch at the most a short 'Pippirunde', otherwise, 'Siesta' – preferably in the shade or to a cooler spot.“

Properly ventilate.

The Verbraucherzentrale NRW is recommended to ventilate at night long and during the day only briefly. Also air movement by a fan, ease the feeling of heat. Additional heat sources are cabinets according to consumer Central cooling and heating pipes.


So beautiful the long-awaited summer is also a tree or a sun screen provides shade and cools. “From the heat out in the shade, airy clothing – the sounds banal, but it is important”, the Bonn medical Skowasch.


For babies and young children heat is especially dangerous. You can’t regulate your heat budget as well, warns the Federal centre for health education. Therefore, children should be with sun cream, hat and sunglasses against the jets and best in the shadow play. High red head, disorders of consciousness and increased body temperature are according to the BZgA symptoms of heat stroke, when the children have to get out of the sun and to a doctor or to the hospital.

Dog owners should not leave their animals in a hot car, warns Lea Schmitz from the animal protection Association. Basically, you should observe the dog at the high temperatures well. Very strong Panting, glassy look, and deep red or pale mucous membranes, alarm signals are.

Heat stroke

“A heat stroke is a true emergency, you should immediately call the emergency doctor”, so Skowasch. Symptoms of headache, clouding of consciousness, vomiting, convulsions, to the shock that could be fatal to be. The Weather Channel 41 degrees possible: Sahara-whip-could never-seen-before heat bring