Corona-pandemic: 7 tips to combat the cabin fever

No one knows exactly how long the by the Coronavirus-related emergency situation will continue. In addition to the feeling of uncertainty as regards the economic and health consequences, many ask, how to the time with the lack of social contacts at home survive. The psychologist Prof. Dr. Stephan Mühlig gives tips on how to get through the next few weeks.

Day structure

Even if you work from home and your kids don’t go to school: Keep a regular daily rhythm, with solid stand-up, work and sleep times. The same applies to children and young people, even if you don’t have to be at the same time aroused as to the first lesson. Younger school children may need support in the structuring of their school duties: Help in the tasks in small portions to divide will be done throughout the day. For Single-parent families, the double burden between the Home Office and child care is a particular challenge. Mühlig advises that caring for small children, priority should have professional tasks that can be moved, for example, in the evening hours.

Out of the air

Currently, walks are still allowed, at least to second-and with all the people living in their own household. You can use the from: exercise and fresh air, benefit the physical and mental health. The immune system is stimulated, and the change of location increases the well-being, because the stimulus is interrupted the monotony of the usual four walls.

Sports from home

Even if fitness studios, sports facilities and swimming pools are closed: sports from home. At least 15 to 30 minutes of Sport per day the cardiovascular System, the immune system and mental well-being &ndash stabilize; for example, jumping rope (without a rope), squats, pushups, Sit-ups, Yoga or Tai-Chi. In the Internet, there are numerous Indoor training programs for anyone to find.

Social contacts

Even if direct contacts are currently avoided &ndash must; via the Internet and phone, you can share still intense. You can also think of living alone, friends and family, the offers now, particularly on a phone call.

Be productive

To use the time at home useful, promotes emotional stability: Think of a task as the apartment clean out or reorganize, archive photos, the cleaning of the Windows to bring the garden or balcony on the front man, or to make the tax Declaration. Using a To-Do list included such tasks can be useful strukutieren.

Passive entertainment through television, computer games & Co to unilaterally varied by Board games or read.

Rückzugsort create

If you spend more time with the family under one roof, can lead you to the close coexistence to conflict. In order to defuse the Situation, should be a retreat space is created. Rules for the living together and regular joint activities with all members of the Household are helpful.

Seriöse information sources

Sufficient and correct information to cope with the Situation. Children, you should explain the situation in age-appropriate language, without overwhelming you or to frighten. The message should be: Everything’s gonna be okay, we can do it!


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