Cozy Laundry with disgust factor: experts do not recommend fabric softener, from

At first glance, the fabric softener are soft, as they would be quite useful: The washing AIDS ensures that the dry Laundry is hard. Most of the Laundry fragrance, dyes and optical brighteners are added. A side-effect of synthetic fibers, less electro-statically charged, and the contained in the product Cyclodextrin binds unwanted odors.

Sounds good, actually. But what fabric softener to make soft actually, in the Laundry? This question, the SWR went to the Consumer show “market check” to the bottom of it. The supplier of fabric softeners to advertise with luxury and Freshness of nature, and consumers are taking advantage of you. In cation plug of surfactants, which are produced from animal fats, more specifically from slaughterhouse waste. Those who live vegetarian or vegan, should sit up and take notice, therefore, well, fabric softener is free of animal products.

Battle main waste component

How the “SWR” is revealing, are offal as the main component of the products. The sebum around the Laundry fibers, and ensures that the clothing is soft and supple. A further disadvantage of the fabric softener: Due to their chemical structure, they have a water-repellent effect. Soft towels washed, wool sweaters, underwear and even bed sheets can recording slower or less moisture. In addition, the ingredients such as fragrances and solvents may cause allergic reactions. Therefore, it is not recommended to use fabric softeners, especially in the case of the linen for babies, toddlers, and children.

The animal fats will not only leave unwanted side effects on the Laundry, but also in the washing machine. A soft greasy Film remains in the washing drum and on the walls of the washing machine are liable. The is a very popular ground for bacteria and fungi. It keeps moist the washing drum, where it is washed regularly, it can lead to unwanted odors.

Fabric softener: Use questionable

The products are also often with warnings: You should not swallow the fabric softener, do not get in eyes and keep away from children. In the small print you will find a lot of chemistry. The “SWR” can be the ingredients from the environment Agency to have a closer look. The competent Toxikologin Marike Colossa see the products in a critical. The fragrance and preservatives can cause allergies. In a product with the name “cuddly soft”, even contain a substance that could have an impact on fertility. The term Butylphenyl Methylpropional fragrance Lilial, try to in animal as toxic to reproduction has been plugged in. On demand of the “SWR” is the provider of insight. The products are revised.

Experts are also agreed that fabric softener products whose Benefits are questionable. They pollute the environment and could have a negative impact on health. Therefore, my advice is to Leave a fabric softener rather.

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