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The most important facts

  • As a Deacidifying methods are known to reduce a excess Acid in the body.
  • A healthy body is deacidified themselves – through the urine, bowel movements, breathing out and sweating.
  • A Hyperacidity of the stomach, of the kidney or of the blood is a Symptom of various diseases based on &#8211 can be; of Diabetes mellitus to a stomach ulcer.
  • A healthy person has to deacidify neither regularly nor is he in need of an acid-Basenkur. Such methods are only suitable in the case of an existing and disease-related Acidification, to assist in the recovery process.

Acids interfere with the pH?

Our body itself produces solid acids, for example, the acid in the stomach. Without these acids, digestion would not be possible. The organism has its own mechanisms that keep the pH value constant. Nutrition researchers such as Prof., Dr. Andreas Pfeiffer emphasize, therefore, that a healthy body acidifies, since he, contrary to expensive over-Acidification. Acidification wouldn’t be the cause of a disease, but a consequence.

The pH-value is different

The body fluids are in most of the regions of the body neutral or slightly alkaline, in the blood and in the saliva, the pH level at a little over seven. In the stomach the pH is between 1.2 and three, the acid level is so very high. This is not a sign of a lack of health – on the contrary: Without this, the stomach acid we could digest, no protein. This pH-Level in the regions of the body will change when people, regardless of whether the food contains more acid or more bases.

The kidney regulates the Acid balance

Our kidneys excrete excess acid, the urine is acidic. Acidic urine but no Acidosis, but proves that our regulatory work. The lung is removed, the acidic carbon dioxide from the body. Additional Measures is not necessary, if the lungs or kidneys are functioning properly, because in such cases, it can actually come to a Hyperacidity.

Acidification of the blood

To not over-Acidification of the blood, it is so, because we have to much Acidic food, but by disease, such as kidney failure or Diabetes, that is, the body’s own Regulatory system and the pH-value decreases in the blood.


Leading symptom of an over-Acidification is a rapid and deep Breathing with a breathing odour, reminiscent of rotting fruit. Here, medical help should be taken advantage of, because diseases of the lung and kidney, the cause of these symptoms, are very serious. Typical symptoms of chronic Acidosis are:

  • Loss of appetite,
  • Nausea
  • and General weakness.

In the result of a long-lasting Acidification ends

  • decalcify the bone and become brittle,
  • decreases the cardiac output,
  • less blood in the circulation,
  • the potassium content in the blood rises and
  • Tooth decay affects the teeth.

Deacidify in the case of kidney weakness

Approximately every third man, suffering from Diabetes mellitus, a kidney weakness and, consequently, an Acidification. This diabetic nephropathy is not flammable. But also old people who are not suffering from Diabetes, can acidify as a result of a kidney weakness. Because the kidneys performance declines from the age of 30 years per decade of life by about ten percent. So the risk to acidify slowly rises. Under the kidney disease this diabetic kidney disease is very common, after all, 34 percent of all newly registered dialysis patients are affected. As the disease progressed, Doctors detect, especially on the pH and the potassium concentration.

Affected can help de-acidification, the effects of kidney weakness, balance and stabilize the protein metabolism, uric acid, and the disturbed hormones. Here is a base therapy is useful, however, not primarily through the consumption of fruit and vegetables, but the sodium carbonate in the Form of enteric tablets. The intake of Bicarbonates slowed down progression of kidney weakness. This should be taken with such a serious illness without medical advice.

Healthy Food

In the case of an existing kidney weakness a healthy diet is crucial. Important are plenty of:

  • Fruit,
  • Vegetables (as diverse as possible, for example, with onions, Leeks or broccoli),
  • Fish such as salmon, herring or mackerel
  • as well as Linseed, rapeseed and walnut oil.

In addition, grain products are good for kidney weakness. Sugar you should reduce, as fast food and ready meals. You should drink also a lot and make sure that the drinks contain no or little sugar. If it is inflammation of the kidney, should be the food

  • Copper,
  • Selenium,
  • Zinc,
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • as well as vitamins A,C and E contain.

Base containing untreated milk, but also lettuce, as well as dry fruits such as figs and dates are also. Cold-pressed Oils are neutral.

Gastric hyperacidity

In the stomach, an acidic environment prevails. This can be critical for the health, when the body shuts down, because, firstly, too much stomach acid is produced, or, secondly, the acidic degradation products are not more disgusted with the feces. Then there is a Hyperacidity of the stomach. The trigger for this can substances poisoning as well as infections, Stress, nicotine, alcohol or Excessive coffee in case of a simultaneous permanent lack of ballast. The Acidity of the stomach is not a disease, but can be a Symptom of various diseases, for example, an infection of the stomach mucosa with Helicobacter pylori. This can cause ulcers in the stomach, the pain due to symptoms such as heartburn, upset stomach and a pressing pain in the belly Express. The Acidification can be by braking a proton pump inhibitor. Known triggers like Smoking, drinking or very fatty foods you should avoid.

In contrast to the chronic Acidification of the stomach by an infection, an ulcer, or long-lasting malnutrition, goes on a temporary Acidification of the stomach by itself, but it is a very unpleasant. This so-called irritable stomach is one of the most common diseases of an industrial society and almost everyone is affected at least once in life. Cause vomiting for example, repeated, if you have corrupted the “stomach”. The crushing stops irritation, when the stomach no food is present, it produces acidity of the stomach, the acid level increases, you get heartburn and the said pressing pain in the stomach. Every breath hurts a lot – even if you only put your Hand on the belly, it hurts. You don’t know whether you lie, sit or to stand.

Unfortunately, there is no immediate solution. You can drink a glass of water with a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda to the acid level to compensate for and to take a neutral food that soothes the stomach and the acid takes. This includes oatmeal with milk and slowly chewed-like substance-and-White, Crisp and whole grain bread.

Home remedies

A home remedy to de-acidify the stomach, potato juice, freshly squeezed or from the pharmacy. The cause of the Acidosis is a slowed-down digestive, in the help of bitter substances, the

  • Artichokes,
  • Centaury,
  • Loop flower,
  • Angelica root
  • and in wormwood.

Chamomile flowers promote digestion. It is in the pharmacy, herbal medicines, which contain all of these plant materials.

Against the symptoms of an overly acidic stomach teas with help

  • Pepper mint,
  • Cumin,
  • Licorice,
  • Melissa
  • and chamomile flowers.

The stomach acid to neutralize it, you take a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water.

Regularly deacidify?

Many natural healing methods to deacidify the body on a regular basis, for example, by a Basenkur or by fasting. These methods assume that the body de-acidification treatments needed, because we take too much acid to us. To say it clear: A healthy person such base treatments do not harm, since they consist of healthy food; however, they are unnecessary. A normal functioning body, characterized by the fact that he removes excess acid in the urine, the feces, breath and sweat. The body can’t take it anymore, then an acid can help to a diet to alleviate the symptoms. Treated the cause must be. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)