Egg-Yolk has blue stitch – when you can eat it anyway

To be not only Easter, lots of eggs eaten: More than 230 eggs a German eats an average of in the year. At storage and while eating the eggs, however, must be small features are taken into consideration, so that you can enjoy them fully.

Often one finds in the case of boiled eggs, the Yolk has a tinge of Blue. However, this is not a sign that the Egg is bad, it can be eaten anyway.

If it smells, however foul, has become the Egg regardless of egg yolk discoloration is bad and should be disposed of immediately.

Discoloration is the result of a chemical reaction

The discoloration is the result of a chemical reaction. In the case of prolonged high temperatures-bound iron is dissolved in the egg yolk and migrates in the direction of the Yolk-edge.

At the same time is set in the egg whites by cooking sulfur-free. Thus, hydrogen sulfide is formed. This moves in the direction of egg yolk and reacts on the border of the two Egg components with the iron to form iron sulfide. It is a green-blue egg-yolk-edge, which grows with the cooking time, into the egg yolks.