Fine particulate pollution: lung doctor Köhler admits calculation error

In the debate about the fine dust limit values of the spring leading of the lungs to rake a doctor, Dieter Köhler – and the numbers given to error. To research the “taz” confirmed the medic of the leaf. Köhler had written in January with more than a hundred additional lung experts opinion, in which case the applicable limit values for fine dust and nitrogen oxide in question and their science had expressed doubts as to the rule of law.

There is currently “no scientific justification for the current limits,” argued the doctors ‘ group in the paper. She called for a revaluation of the previous studies. Also, the star had about the criticism of the Doctors reported.

Calculation errors in the case of nitrogen dioxide pollution

The “taz” according to the Initiator, Köhler admitted the wrong information in the document. Wrong one of his calculations, with the he compares the nitrogen dioxide pollution from road traffic with the Smoking is, according to the report.

New Results

Study: fine dust caused significantly more deaths than assumed

In the opinion it is said that a smoker inhale in a few months, the same amount of nitrogen oxide as a 80-year-old non-Smoking, all his life, outside air in the limit the area of the diaphragm. In fact, a smoker in the case of nitrogen dioxide after information of the “taz”, a comparable amount only in six to 32 years.

Also, a calculation for the concentration of fine dust is, therefore, wrong. Köhler admitted, moreover, that the output value of his bill is far too high. As a basis for the calculation of the fine dust content of the cigarettes he had taken the condensate value of the cigarettes, he stated with ten to 25 milligrams per cigarette.

In fact, a condensate limit of ten milligrams per cigarette is, since 2004, in the EU, the average value is lower. “The target of the EU, I don’t know,” said Köhler.

From his Remarks to the limits of the lung does not want to abandon the doctor and the former President of the German society for pneumology yet. The “order of magnitude” is more correct, said Köhler.

“No doubt” as to health risk

The Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) had demanded as a consequence of the criticism of the lungs doctors on the fine dust limit values that their implementation of it needs to be, and, where appropriate, changed ask.

Numerous epidemiologists and Environmental medicine pointed out, however, that köhler’s reasoning is consistent with the prior research. The German center for lung research, commented pollutants on Thursday of “great concern” in view of the debate on the health risk of air.

“There is no doubt scientifically that the burden of air pollutants is a health hazard for the population, not only in terms of respiratory and pulmonary diseases, but also in terms of cardiovascular disease,” said the experts in the casting.

At the same time, the research center defended the limit value for nitrogen dioxide of 40 microgram per cubic meter of air. There is no robust new evidence is presented subject to”, which would give cause to do so, to correct this reference value is currently upwards”.