Five tips for the time change

On Sunday the summer time ends, then the clocks are put back at night for an hour of two o’clock. Who likes to sleep for a long time or Saturday evening extensively want to celebrate, you can enjoy the gained hour.

Many people struggle after the changeover, however, with a Mini-jet lag. In addition, the Back moves the clock to the time of sunrise and sunset in our everyday life, causing our internal clock device a bit out of sync. The consequences: Because it is dark earlier, pours out of our body earlier production of the sleep hormone Melatonin, which makes you tired earlier. It’s in the morning, but bright and morning people may still Wake up earlier.

These five tips can help people who Wake up in the morning to early evening to early to be tired, or in principle, and due to sleep problems:

1. Later, go to bed

A particularly strong transition to the winter meets time people Wake up in the morning anyway, which was extremely early. The time change moved this time further into the morning hours. Who wants to counteract this, you can prepare for the transition by moving on Friday and Saturday, the sleep time by a quarter of an hour to the rear. Then the body might adapt to better to the new rhythm and is taking back in the morning, hopefully sleep.

2. In any case, on the Sofa falling asleep

Many are familiar with the: in Front of the TV, the eyes would not stay open, a few minutes later, in bed, but not sleep. This fate threatens in the dark evenings after the time change especially. Who can, should stop it with all the strength, and to bed on time and change.

The reason is that the sleep pressure, so our feeling of fatigue, not builds over the afternoon and evening, and reaches – if you go to bed – approximately between two and three o’clock in the night of the peak. We go to sleep, however previously, decreases sleep pressure very quickly and rapidly. So much So, that the body of the software is no longer polarized after a small NAP in front of the TV to sleep.

3. Out into the light of day

In order to be at noon, fit and in the dark in the evening, not immediately, sagging, the body needs the light of day – for example, in the Form of a walk during the lunch break. The radiation is the most important clock, our internal clock, it suppresses the production of the sleep hormone Melatonin. We should allow ourselves to be clouds, not a horror, even on cloudy days, it is significantly brighter than in the house. Dark sunglasses, however, are counterproductive, the receptors for the Melatonin suggestion to sit in the retina.

4. A strict sleep schedule to adhere to

The most Important thing for good sleep is regularity, according to experts. Especially in the case of A – and by a sleep disorders it helps the body to always go to the same time to bed and to get up – even on weekends and even after a bad night. As a result, the chances that the next one will be better to rise.

The time change totally negate the efforts for a short period of time. For this it is then all the more important to get back in the Routine – if working hours allow.

5. On the NAP abandon

Anyone who has problems with falling Asleep or in the morning too early to Wake up, you should swipe to the possibility of the NAP during the day. This is true on the Sunday after the time change especially. As a result, the body is in the evening, tired, the sleep quality is on the rise.

Sleep doctors prefer the winter time

In spite of all The winter time, fits according to sleep physicians, better to watch than the summer time. Accordingly, the brightness in the Morning is more important than in the evening. The internal clock of night owls – people who go to bed late and in the morning, sleep for longer stays, according to a study of 55,000 people even permanently, in the winter time. For the Concerned, normality is returning on Sunday, so again a bit.

Nevertheless, the majority of Germans wants surveys a permanent summer time, in contrast to the German teachers Association, the advertises for the guard students and the winter time. The EU Commission plans to abolish daylight savings time. Still, however, is not clarified, whether permanently in the summer or the winter time is to prevail.