Generation of leek: Why young men today are weaker than their fathers

A man’s hands can tell more about him than he would like. Some of them have rough paws that is hard, physical work close. Maybe he has a trade or spends most of his spare time in the garden or nature. Many Desk workers have, however, fine, well-groomed hands. You need to grab let’s do this right, there are just calluses on the hands, you come quickly out of breath.

This showed a study published in the “Journal of Hand Therapy”. As a result, the gripper is dropped force of young men to the 30 (the so-called Millennials) in the past few decades, an average of 20 percent – and in the era of Fitness Apps, and Superfoods.

Young men have the worst

Has been tested grip strength – how strong the Hand was able to grab from 237 healthy subjects, aged 20 to 34 years with a so-called Dynamometer. The values were then compared with data from the year 1985. The result was clear: The grip strength of today’s man was 98 pounds (49 kilograms), in 1985 the average was 117 pounds (58,5 kg). The men cut off between 30 and 34 years (5.5 kg less) is still significantly better than the comparison group between 25 and 29 (12.5 kg less). An arm wrestling match with Daddy and grandpa would beat the youngsters so loose.

For women, it looks significantly better: on average, women achieve a grip strength of 37.5 kilograms – as much as women of the year in 1985. Women between the ages of 30 and 34 to grab something even stronger than their mothers or grandmothers.

Reasons for the loss of strength

Although the gripping strength is not generally, about the physical Constitution, but it is a good indicator for the body force, as the scientists emphasize. The cause for the loss of strength is on the changing world of work. In the eighties, more men worked significantly in Occupations in which you had to grab.

In the modern Service society, however, there is a lack of physical, welding activity, which leads to a lower total power driving – and more Kilos on the hips. This can also compensate for the early-morning Jogging around the lake or in the fitness Studio visit on the weekend. The power of women is almost the same is due to the fact that the differences in the daily work be as significant as for men.

However, the study has a small catch: the majority of The subjects were students from North Carolina, so they are not representative for the total population. Nevertheless, the outcome of the study fits into the picture, the signed with other studies. According to a study from the year 2013, showed that kids today are as fit as 30 years ago. For a distance of 1.6 kilometers children nowadays need to be 90 seconds longer (5 percent more) than it was in 1975, as an experiment, it was set from 28 countries.

Rating of attractiveness

Study shows: women want in men, especially the

Women really are on a six-pack and muscular arms? In any case, shows a new study. Surprisingly, The stronger he appears, the more attractive the man is considered to be. However, our evaluation is not the only reason for the evolutionary.