Germans buy less homeopathic remedies

The homeopathy is enjoying increasing popularity in the population, it is called regularly in the communications of pharmaceutical associations: “There is an increasing acceptance and application by the end user and in the case of the healing professions,” said, for example, the Federal Association of pharmaceutical manufacturers (BAH) in November.

The Association of German alternative practitioners pointed out in a message on his Portal “naturopath-facts” on Monday with reference to “current Pay” from 2016, to a growing homeopathy market. In fact, the amount of annually sold homeopathic remedies increased over many years, but now a trend is starting to turn.

In the year 2017, the pharmacies sold in this country, a good 53 million packs of homeopathic preparations, estimates that the pharmaceutical market research company IQVIA. In the previous year, there were still 55 million packs of. The revenue has increased, according to IQVIA in the year 2017 in comparison to the previous year, was still easy.

About 86 percent of the sold homeopathic remedies have been bought according to the data of IQVIA of the customer as self-medication. Twelve percent were brought up with a recipe of a private health insurance in the pharmacy, in only two percent of the cases, the customers had a prescription of a statutory health insurance.

The statutory funds, under certain conditions, the cost of a homeopathic treatment, is controversial.

Actually, you may reimburse only recognised effective treatments, but for homeopathy, anthroposophy and phytotherapy, the legislature has created special rules. These procedures must not in the course of extensive studies of their effectiveness – and the statutory health insurance must pay.

Despite numerous studies, clear evidence is missing until today, that homeopathic Globules have an effect on the placebo effect. A EU Council warned recently that homeopathy can even damage, if necessary medical treatment is delayed.

Homeopathy critics, such as the Doctor, Natalie Grams, who previously worked homeopathically, explain: “anyone Who claims to heal, also need to be able to prove valid. The evidence-based medicine – which is also not free of errors – can. Homeopathy or Bach flowers can’t.”

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