Healthy food increases the sperm count

When it comes to fertility, cut French fries and Pizza bad: men who ate healthy, had to eat in a study from Denmark has a higher sperm count than men who frequent Fast Food, white flour, meat and sweets.

In a study of more than 2,900 young men, those who ate a lot of fish, chicken, vegetables and fruit and water were preferred, a higher sperm count than those who have a so-called might of the Western diet with a lot of Pizza, French fries, processed and red meat, white flour, sugary drinks and sweets.

The highest average sperm count in men who ate healthy (167 million), followed by vegetarian diet (151 million). Men who ate unhealthy, had the lowest average sperm counts (122 million), and also the levels of some sex hormones, increase fertility, were lower.

Fertility is influenced by many factors

"It is known that the effects of Smoking, radiation, pesticides and heavy metals in the environment affect the development of sperm in the negative, on the impact of nutrition on sperm quality, however, is a little bekannt", Dr. Feiby Nassan of the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston said. The lower the sperm number, the lower the probability that a partner is pregnant. "It may be for the fertility of men be useful in generally healthy ernähren", it concluded accordingly.