High season for oak processionary moth

In the early summer of the oak processionary moth is found in many Parts of Germany. The little caterpillars are covered in hairs of several hundred thousand Fuels. People come in contact with, you experience itching, hives or skin rashes. The hairs are inhaled, it can cause respiratory problems. You get into the eye, is often a conjunctivitis as a result. Also dizziness, Nausea, fever or chills are also possible.

"As first aid I recommend cool envelopes. In the case of severe itching over-the-counter medicines from the pharmacy can help you quickly. I recommend to my patients a cream or Gel with cortisone and in addition antihistamines in Tablettenform", pharmacist Dr. Hannes Müller says. "If you have trouble Breathing, or eye occur, this is not a case for self-medication more. Then the pharmacist refer you to a doctor." The duration of illness is often, in one to two weeks.

To protect yourself, it is advisable to infested trees, often oaks, or to avoid the forest areas. If this is not possible, keep to the best as much skin covered. After a possible contact with the caterpillar hairs, you should take a shower, wash your hair and with a hair-dryer to dry. The clothing is immediately changed and washed at 60 degrees. Also, cars were in the vicinity of an infested tree, should be carefully cleaned inside and out.


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