If care makes the skin sick

The mouth area is stretched, it is small, red pustules that itch or burn. Many think skin complaints only once to dry. But anyone who keeps up with lots of extra cream, however, exacerbated the Problem. Because a so-called Perioral Dermatitis is caused by too much care.

“Perioral Dermatitis is manifested by inflammatory, erythematous, pointed conical papules or nodules, which are about one to two millimeters in size. You can also flow to small areas, to the small bubbles or fine chipping,” explains Cord sunder kötter. He is the Director of the clinic for dermatology and venereology of the University hospital of Halle on the Saale.

Typical of Perioral Dermatitis, problems in the salmon are wrinkles between the mouth and the cheek, around the mouth or on the lateral lower eyelids in the eye area, so sunder kötter. In the mouth, the disease through a small cut-out around the lipstick: the skin is not reddened, the irritation begins a few millimeters from the lip.

One of the most misdiagnosed skin diseases

Often, Perioral Dermatitis is not easy to detect, because the changes to the skin are very strong, making them treacherous. “Many patients get from the doctor for a cortisone cream prescribed for,” says Jens Tesmann, a dermatologist from Stuttgart and a member of the professional Association of German dermatologists.

With cortisone Perioral Dermatitis will quickly better, Tesmann – “but she comes back all the stronger when one settles with the cream.” Therefore, the disease belong to diseases of the skin, most commonly diagnosed to fail.

Is it burning and itching around the mouth or on the eyelids, and show red nodules, should be Concerned, grab on to cream. “Perioral Dermatitis is one of the few skin diseases in which you have to leave something out, so you will be better,” says sunder kötter.

A “greenhouse for pathogenic germs”

Causes the disease is in people with a corresponding predisposition, often by persistent use of cosmetics, especially by moisturizing creams. Among the other triggers Überpflege face with water and cleanser or covering Make-up. Because the skin could not breathe in, arising under, the decorative layer is a “greenhouse for pathogens,” says Tesmann.

Earlier, the Perioral Dermatitis was therefore also referred to as a “flight attendant disease”: flight attendants are usually heavily made up, the climate zones and have irregular sleep times. All of this means Stress for the skin.

“It started out pretty classic, with small red pustules in the vicinity of the corner of his mouth,” recalls Saskia Tieberg (Name changed – ed.). The rash became stronger within a few days. Six weeks Tieberg struggled with the problems.

The 36-year-old is convinced that private Stress beneficiaries of the burning rash. “I’ve been using for years, the same very mild and skin-friendly toiletries and cosmetics products,” she says. “So there was no change that could have been responsible.” But exactly this is a typical misconception.

“Who persistently used cosmetics, and also over the years to the same product lines, the at some point can be reached where the skin is very irritated,” says sunder kötter.

Zero diet for the skin

Affected need of patience: “The Perioral Dermatitis can be treated quickly,” says dermatologist Tesmann. “It will take weeks. It must adjust to the patients.” At best a kind of starvation diet for the skin is to give your time for the Regeneration.

As a support, the doctor recommends black tea envelopes: For it Affected need to cook a very strong black tea, let it cool, place a thin cotton cloth in it to soak on the skin. “The tannins soothe the skin and help the redness to subside,” explains Tesmann.

Also Cord sunder kötter advises the use of this home remedy. “It should be a very strong Form of Perioral Dermatitis, can dermatologist prescribe a inflammation-relieving cream.”