If self-mutilation seems to be the last Chance

With 16 years, Alice tried to escape the Penis with a scalpel to cut off. In an Online Tutorial you had previously seen a guide. After the first incision pain are heard. Instead of going to the hospital, she kept the engagement a secret.

“I was desperate and scared,” says the 23-Year-old, who comes from a rural Region in the East of China. “I had the gut feeling that I would have to bring it behind me.”

Alice is in China, many transgender people. Official Figures are not available. Only a few medical facilities to offer professional advice about hormone treatments. Gender reassignment only with the consent of the families. However, for fear of offend, don’t trust of many, to lead such a conversation with their loved ones. “It was of great concern to me from the inside eat you alive,” says Alice.

According to the human rights organization Amnesty International Transgender in China to contend with widespread discrimination, limited access to treatments and a lack of Information. Also, the high cost drives many Transgender uncontrolled, risky treatments, or dangerous self-mutilation.

Testosterone, illegally ordered on the Internet

“Discriminatory policies and laws have given many people the feeling that they have no other choice to put up with extremely dangerous even surgery your life and to procure unsafe hormone preparations on the black market,” says China expert, Amnesty International, Doriane Lau.

Also Jiatu suffered under his original female body. He started three years ago to inject testosterone, which he had ordered illegally from Thailand. “There is no other way to get this,” he says. I know it by other Transgender men in online forums.

According to Amnesty International, inform yourself Transgender on the Internet, or friends about the hormone treatments. They buy the drugs mostly to inflated prices on the black market, where the risk is great that you get to unsafe or fake products. Doctors in the public health system are hardly a help.

In March accepted China although the recommendations of the UN human rights Council, to prohibit the discrimination of Homosexuals and transgender people. But in reality, this view in China is increasingly in the sights of state Surveillance and censorship.

And also, if the world health organization (WHO) officially “gender identity disorder” removed as a diagnosis from your global guide to apply in China Transgender as “mentally ill”.

Alice makes the conservative attitude of the Chinese company responsible for the government of its policy with respect to Homosexuals and transgender people only change slowly. “What the government can do is limited by the current views of the company. We have to wait for the next Generation it will get better.”

2018 Alice was in surgery the male sexual organs removed. To the consent of the family present, she went to Thailand. The cost of the equivalent of 11,400 euros took your girlfriend. “It feels natural,” says Alice. “For me, it is much better in my head.”