In Greifswald, soon medical Cannabis could be grown

In the year 2017 was adopted by the Bundestag unanimously passed a law that the prescription of Cannabis for serious illnesses, for example Multiple sclerosis and chronic pain. The Problem is, so far, however, the procurement of the substance. Patients must sometimes wait a long time and pay a lot of money. That should change now, calling on the Greens, the Left, and the Forum is 17.4 in the Hanseatic city of Greifswald.

As the “Ostsee-Zeitung” reported, have developed the free parties together a template for the Greifswald city Parliament, which is to suggest that the mayor is to be used for the cultivation of medical cannabis in the Region. “We hope that more groups join us in our request,” said Milos Rodatos, politicians of the Forum 17.4. “I’m going to try in the coming weeks, to win still other competitors from the science and policy for the subject.”

Business and science could benefit

The Greif Walder, Lord mayor Stefan Fassbinder (Green) will now work to ensure that the Hanseatic city on the Baltic sea is an ideal growing area for the hotly debated herb could be. The three groups that have worked on the template, a co-operation with the city works: “It requires a lot of energy, so that a joint offer for those interested would be attractive,” says Milos Rodatos. Cannabis plants need a lot of light and heat to thrive. But not only from an economic but also from a scientific point of view he holds of Greifswald for a suitable site: “Greifswald with its University also offers very good conditions for an accompanying medical research.”

On legal cannabis cultivation are also many well-paid jobs depend. And the competition was already in the starting blocks, so the politicians: Munich have already been great interest expressed. “It is in the interest of Greifswald, a dynamic branch of the economy not only in the West and South of Germany, settled”, so Rodatos. 29. April will be decided in Greifswald on the Plan.

Source: “Baltic Sea Newspaper”