In only eight minutes, So you will feel pain in your back as quick as a flash los

To loosen a stiff back, is the classic Massage for the everyday work rather unsuitable, says Freddy Sichting of the chair of motion science at the Technical University of Chemnitz in a message. “A flexible Alternative promises the self-massage with a foam roller,” said Sichting.

Slowly against the roller leaning on and rolling

A corresponding study at the Chemnitz University of technology, according to massage enough already eight minutes with a commercially available hard foam roller to loosen after four and a half hours permanent sitting the stiff become back muscles again. “The movement is to stand against the roller, leaning back against the wall, and by slow upward and downward movements to massage the back,” explained the study leader.

Break without Massage not be as effective

For the study, 59 participants were divided into two groups. While the use of a four and a half hours to Sit for eight minutes of self-massage with the roller, paused the other group, also eight minutes in the Stand – but without the Massage.

In all of the participants have three measurements for the stiffness of the back were made muscles: in front of the Seats, after Sitting, and after each break in the Stand with or without a self-massage. On the basis of the results, it could be demonstrated Sichting, according to the first, that long periods of Sitting Back pain can cause. In addition, the study showed that by means of self-massage by Sitting stiffly turned back musculature is loosened. Compared to the initial state, no degradation was found.

“In every life”

“The eight-minute self-massage can be used flexibly in every life, and not pain from the back only to counteract, but also to create the conditions so to avoid them,” said Alexander Kett, Co-author of the study.

Tip: Every 30 to 60 minutes to get up

“The self-massage should be a part of a regular sitting breaks, but does not replace,” said Sichting. Preventive, he recommends that rather every 30 to 60 minutes for small activities a short time to get up, when to stay on for hours at a stretch sitting, and then with the Massage counter.

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