In this Italian village is not yet suffering none to Corona. How is that possible?

50 kilometers Ferrera separate Erbognone of Milan. Both places are located in Lombardy in the Italian Hotspot in the Corona epidemic. The difference is that While in Milan until Tuesday noon, 8676, people with the Virus have been infected in Ferrera to zero.

What the 1100-souls-village makes it different? How defying it is the pandemic? Or is it does to its residents?


Italy quarantined: Wait, this nightmare ends

Mayor: “I do not believe that this is due to genetics”

More than 10 million people live in the Italian Region of Lombardy. Good to 42,000 of them have been infected with the Coronavirus, so at least the official Figures. The number of unreported cases is likely to be up to ten times higher, experts estimate. In Ferrera Erbognone, there are no proven infections. “A mystery” was, writes the Italian newspaper “La Stampa”. So enigmatic, that even researchers at the Mondino Institute in Pavia want to come to the thing to look at in more detail.

It is perhaps to the people? You are immune to Corona? The mayor of the village, Giovanni Fassina, doesn’t believe that. Nevertheless, he wants to be on the Safe side: He has a message to all the inhabitants of Ferrera distribute if you like, you can 2 to to. April a blood sample that will be examined in a laboratory in the nearby Sannazzaro de ‘Burgundi. The Whole thing was voluntary and free of charge, so Fassina.

The dead pants: The inhabitants in Ferrera Erbognone strictly adhere to the government-imposed curfew. A key to the solution of the riddle?

“I don’t believe that this is due to the genetics,” said the mayor, “we are like all the others.” It had been in his village at the beginning, no cases had been “random”. However, the fact That the Virus had come in the course of time, from the outside to the Ferrera, did you owe in fact to the citizens: “The population has obviously held to the prescribed precautions.” The majority of the population was older, so Fassina. “There is definitely a high level of sensitivity to it.”

The Institute will be looking for antibodies in residents of Ferrera

The solution is really so simple? A strict curfew that all keep? The researchers from the Mondino Institute, don’t want to quite believe it. You want to examine, therefore, whether the small, closed Population in the 1100 inhabitants the village has a special immune system. So the people in Ferrera could carry certain antibodies that fight off the Virus.

"We and Corona"

"People who belong to the risk group, need to 034 now a little more zurückhalten&#;

In a press release, the Institute announced that they wanted to conduct a survey with the “experimental character” and the inhabitants of at least two months to accompany. Also, the analyses of the blood samples to be included in the study.

Their output is completely open: “We want to cause any false myths and unfounded expectations in the population,” it said in the press release, more. The results should help researchers to understand the Virus better, but to optimize where previous test methods. Also in the search for a vaccine, the findings from Ferrera could help.

The study has yet to be approved by the competent regional and national Bodies.

Italy sees the light at the end of the Corona tunnel

Meanwhile, the imposed output have been extended all over the country lock-up to Easter. They had been ordered three weeks ago and valid for at least up to 12. April, said health Minister Roberto Speranza on Monday evening in Rome. Thus, the government followed the recommendation of its scientific Advisory Board, all of the measures to contain the pandemic to maintain. Otherwise, the measures such as the ban on public gatherings and the closure of all non-essential businesses would be run on Friday.


Researchers calculate the end of the epidemic in Italy – what does that mean for Germany?

With 11.591 Victims of Italy leads the global ranking of Corona-dead. A total of more than 100,000 infections were detected in the EU country. However, the authorities now see the reasons for hope. The increase in the number of new infections has decreased, according to information provided by the Italian civil protection on Monday to a new Low of 4.1 percent. In addition, the number of the currently Ill declined for the first time in the epicenter around the city of Milan. The number of cured patients reached in the last 24 hours with 1590 cases, their highest level since the beginning of the pandemic.

Sources: “La Stampa”, Italian Corona data center, Italian statistical office, news agencies, AFP, ANSA

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