Medical Situation escalated – dramatic call for help from Doctors out of the circle Heinsberg

Doctors from the district of Heinsberg, have warned of the consequences of the Coronavirus for health care. “The medical Situation in the district of Heinsberg escalates and takes on menacing proportions,” reads the letter, which was announced on Tuesday, and also from the Heins Berger district administrator Stephan Pusch (CDU) is to be signed. A collapse of the medical care at the base and in the hospitals is not ruled out. “We urgently need the help ( … ),” it said in a letter to the kassenärztliche Vereinigung Nordrhein. The circle is currently affected by an outbreak of a novel pathogen, Sars-CoV-2.

Coronavirus is a concern for anxious patients

By the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) prescribed quarantine measures, the hospitals would be hampered to a great extent. Doctors and staff are therefore not able to work. Emergency services could only be with difficulty and only to a limited extent occupied. According to the RKI-control must. in the case of an infection in the workforce automatically the whole Team in a 14-day quarantine

Coronavirus in Germany

What is there? – Corona and the consequences

The new Coronavirus grid around the world. It can change our country and our prosperity, to threaten. We get the Virus in the handle? And especially: How do we combat the diffuse anxiety that makes things worse? An In-Between State.

The burden of anxious patients is enormous. The supply of Physicians with protection masks would be catastrophic. The trade did not deliver. The small delivery by the NRW Ministry of health had immediately been sold out. In the practices as well as nothing had arrived. “We are in dire need of appropriate protective materials, as we are currently working under threat to the health of Doctors and staff,” it said in the letter.

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