New study: In women, the prevention with pill, shrink control centre in the brain

The anti-baby pill has been one of the most popular contraceptives. But their revenue is now seen increasingly critical, because they can have serious side effects. This hormone increases compound the risk of thrombosis and breast cancer and also affects the Psyche. Many of the women who take the pill complain about mood swings and decreased sexual pleasure.

There is also a connection to the pill with the Occurrence of depression is discussed. In addition, doctors have found the least evidence that the contraceptive interferes with the emotional perception.

The Hypothalamus in the view

Now, another side effect emerges: May be the anti-baby pill also changes the structure of the brain, such as Michael Lipton reports from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, and his colleagues. In order to find possible effects of hormonal contraception on the thinking organ on the track, were given to the scientists the the Hypothalamus.

This part of the Brain regulates the secretion of hormones and other messengers in important biological functions such as body temperature, heart rate, and sleep patterns. He also plays a role in our mood, our appetite and our desire for Sex. The mother instinct is in this area of the Brain. "How oral contraceptives have an impact on this small, but essential part of the brain, is hardly worden&quot researched;, Lipton explains. Getty Images/iStockphoto

Shrunken Brain Region

For their pilot study, the researchers analyzed MRI scans of 50 women – including 21, which is a combination pill containing synthetic Oestrogens and Progestogens revenue. On the basis of the images from the brain of the students, they estimated then the volume of the Hypothalamus. In addition women’s Tests, the information on their personality, mood, and cognitive functions delivered.

The evaluations revealed: "We have a significant difference in the size of this brain structure festgestellt", Lipton reported. Thus, women who used the pill had an average of six percent smaller Hypothalamus than not in this way, control women. This difference may seem small, and overall, the brains of the affected women were not reduced in size is striking – for the scientists, the finding is nevertheless remarkable.

Unclear Consequences

What are the consequences but the shrunken Hypothalamus has? The studies provided no evidence that a lower volume of this brain region is associated with impaired cognitive abilities. However, a connection with increased Anger and depressive symptoms.

As the research team emphasizes, should not be overestimated, these results, however. "We are not saying that women throw away right now your anti-baby pills müssen", says Lipton. Because only further research can confirm whether or not the pill is really the cause for the reduced Hypothalamus, and clarify, what are the consequences of this shrinkage.

"This is the first study merely shows a strong Association. This should motivate the effects of oral contraceptives on the structure and function of the brain, in the future, the reason to gehen", includes Lipton.

This article was written by Daniela Albat

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