Number of people needing care has risen sharply

More and more people in Germany will receive help to cope with their everyday life. In the past year, the number of as in need of care Classified is increased particularly strongly. This could, however, not only with the ageing society, but especially with a change in the law to explain, according to the Federal Statistical office .

While December 2015 is still 2.86 million people in Germany were considered to be in need of care, were in December 2017 in total to 3.41 million people affected – an increase of 19 percent. This was due to the long-term care reform and the changing understanding of the need for care, explain to the statistician.

Since 1. January 2017, a new care concept in Germany. Therefore, only people with physical limitations to care are not in need, but also people who are no longer able to cope due to mental impairments to their everyday lives.

This has led to that today many dementia get sick the help that had previously fallen through the cracks. The classification into levels of care to decide whether and how much financial support will be given to the Concerned from the care insurance.

Members play care big role

Most of the patient – well-three-quarters – are supplied to the Statistical office, according to home. Members play a big role:

  • 1.8 million of the 2.6 million home Living were only the members of the service.
  • 0.8 million patients have received support from an outpatient nursing care service, or took over the duties completely.
  • Just under a quarter of people in need of care in Germany, lived in 2017 in a home.

For members of the service in General, is extremely stressful. The half takes care of on a daily basis for more than twelve hours to the patient, as the care report of the Barmer 2018. Every Fourth has reduced due to the care tasks, his work, or you had to give up. Many suffer from back pain or mental health problems.

In order to protect Affected from Overload, there are special Spa offers. From January 2019 lower hurdles apply to the application. So far, all outpatient measures had to be exhausted before family carers has been approved a course of treatment. This requirement falls away. 1. January 2019 can take caregivers inpatient rehab, even if outpatient care would be sufficient.

The cure lasts three weeks. A big goal: to be The Care to learn to keep an eye on yourself.