People with a sense of unity are more satisfied

People who believe that everything in the world to each other and dependent on each other, with life, more satisfied than those who do not do this. It doesn’t matter whether you belong to a Religion or not.

From the results of two major surveys in Germany, scientists at the University of Mannheim, close to a clear link between the Belief in a universal unit and life satisfaction. The results suggest that people with higher life satisfaction have additional advantages such as a higher academic education and better health in old age.

For the study, researchers led by Prof. Marie Edinger-Schons conducted two surveys with almost 75,000 people in Germany, which should measure the unit believe. Questions to statements such as &quot were;I believe that everything in the world on a common principle basiert" or "Everything in the world is interdependent and influenced gegenseitig" answered. In addition, the social ties were measured, and affinity with nature, empathy, and life satisfaction of the participants.

In earlier studies, frequently there is a connection between Religion and life satisfaction has been described. Edinger-Schons investigated now whether the feeling of Unity plays a role: "If you took account of the faith, the Unity, disappeared many of the positive effects of religion on life satisfaction." She concludes that the strengthening of the more General belief in a universal unit with the potential to enrich the lives of the people, and even more effective could be as traditional religious Beliefs.