Pharma group takes legal proceedings against homeopathy critics

“In the best case, homeopathy promises to be a placebo effect and is a misuse of scarce resources that should be better for the treatment methods used, the work”: With this justification, the British health service NHS is not decided in the year 2017, to take on the cost of Globuli longer. Also in France, the authorities review the effectiveness of homeopathy. Pharmaceutical companies fear that the homeopathy business in Germany, could suffer.

The well-known manufacturer Hevert wrote at the end of may on Facebook: “it is With concern I see that in other countries, such as England only lobby groups with discredited payments animal, and then the policy to proceed with legal restrictions against homeopathy. So this does not happen in Germany, too, the mother country of the homeopathy, is Hevert now the legal route against the unjust discrediting of homeopathy before made by lobby groups, which can also damage the company Hevert.”

The company has since made serious. Hevert calls for, among other things, the well-known homeopathy-critic Natalie Grams, to commit criminal or not reinforced, to no longer claim that the effectiveness of homeopathy, in addition to the “the Placebo effect”. You should make this statement as required, threatens her in case of infringement a contractual penalty of 5100 euros. Grams has published the call in social networks.

Specifically, it is an Interview with the newspaper “rheinpfalz” in the Grams to the question: “Do we Act homeopathic remedies?” replied: “about the Placebo effect and beyond.”

Hevert rejects this as a false assertion of fact, as the manufacturer announced to the MIRROR. “The woman, Dr. Grams in the Rhine Palatinate assertion – homeopathics didn’t work on the Placebo effect is also ignored in both scientific findings from studies as well as national authorisation procedures, such as, for example, the obligation to provide proof of the effectiveness of homeopathic medicines in a range of indications at the German Federal Institute for drugs and medical products (Bfarm).”

The authorisation of homeopathic remedies

In fact, homeopathic remedies need to be approved if they are associated with a indication, so, on the packaging, for example, is: “The application of areas derive from the homeopathic Drug picture. This Acute inflammation of the ear, nose and throat include:”. Unlike other drugs, a so-called sufficient for the proof of Efficacy but internal consensus. That is, it is sufficient if homeopaths attest to the effectiveness and the manufacturer called, for example, the homeopathic Pharmacopoeia.

Only when it comes to the treatment of serious diseases, would be studies a prerequisite for admission. To date, however, has been used in homeopathic medicine, in which the applicant would have on a “to document the effectiveness of appropriate study occupations,” writes the Bfarm in the annual report for 2017/2018.

The principles of homeopathy: The method was about 200 years ago by Samuel Hahnemann developed. He believed that diseases are cured with substances that produce in the Healthy symptoms of the patient resemble. These active ingredients, to the part of toxic substances such as mercury, are repeatedly diluted in liquid. The acceptance of homeopathy: By Shaking prior to dilution, increases the strength of the active ingredient. Homeopathic remedies are, among other things, as a liquid or ointment, or as a so-called Globule – sugar globules, to which the dilute solutions sprayed were. The dilutions are often so high that in the finished homeopathic remedies is not a single molecule of the active ingredient is.

Studies to demonstrate the efficacy of Globules, came again and again in the criticism. The pharmaceutical group Hevert, for example, showed recently on Facebook on a study which show that homeopathy pain reduces joint bleeding. However, subjects were in the study, in addition to Granules, and tincture of witch hazel also, Acetaminophen and should keep your legs quiet and cool. A comparison group was not. What treatment at the end of looked, can not clearly determine.

A scientific question, legal answer

However, Legally, the proof of Efficacy is met, even if homeopaths can attest to this quasi-self. Also, Hevert abgemahnt pharmacists and health scientists Gerd Glaeske has signed the cease and desist warning because of that. He had said in an ARD television programme “in homeopathic remedies is a proof of Efficacy is lacking so far, in principle, in all means, the homeopath come to it,”. At the same time, he stressed to the “süddeutsche Zeitung”, scientifically speaking, a circle is closing as evidence of Efficacy is not acceptable.

In fact, Hevert seems to be trying to answer a scientific question legally. As far as the manufacturer is not, in General, is unclear. So far, it had not been for the two warnings, the company said the MIRROR. The Journalist Bernd Kramer, who writes, among other things, for the “taz” newspaper, published a letter in the Hevert him asking, “homeopathy derogatory Statements in any Form, including publications in the future to refrain from”. Hevert himself speaks of a “constructive exchange” with the journalists.

Even the technician health insurance (TK), which covers the costs of homeopathy in part, said in 2017, compared to the MIRROR: “We have no evidence of Efficacy for homeopathy.” The Barmer said: “homeopathy is not recognized scientifically, but popular and widely-used alternative medical treatment method.” To expect at the end of the health insurance companies with a lawsuit?

For homeopathy-critic Grams is: you will not sign the warning below. “Authors, or Doctors via a lawsuit threat to stop, to deny the status of science, is a chutzpah that leaves one open-mouthed look,” she wrote on Twitter. Grams used to be a homeopathic Doctor, but in the meantime, the most well-known Critics in Germany.

Summary: The medicine manufacturer Hevert’s going on with cease and desist warnings against homeopathy-critics. The well-known Doctor and author, Natalie Grams will not be asked to no longer claim that the effectiveness of homeopathy, in addition to the “the Placebo effect”. Otherwise, a penalty of 5100 euros the threat. Grams dismisses the prompt. It does not force you to deny the state of the science.