Play mostly cards: a politician devalues nurses – show her the reality

The U.S. Senator Maureen Walsh. with just a few words, probably for all nurses in the United States – and certainly beyond – unpopular made During a discussion in the Senate on a motion that is ill guarantee sisters end-to-end breaks, said Walsh: “I would assume that these breaks take nurses already. You probably play the predominant part of the day cards.”

An entire profession was the Statement of a politician from the state of Washington to be attacked – the response of the nurses was not long in coming. Many perceived the statement as a hurtful and a little appreciative for the work required of them, often everything, and those breaks usually just does not allow.

Senator upset nurses with criticism

Especially in the social networks of the displeasure was great. A Facebook User wrote, according to CNN, a call that is sent to a Senator in Protest of card games. “I know of no nurses who play cards. I only know of nurses who take care of babies that were born with brains that do not stop bleeding. Or nurses holding newborn babies, which can not stop crying, because you were born to be a heroin addict”, – quotes the channel from the open letter. Soon, the office of Walsh sank a quasi-in cards, more than 1700 of such Sets.

On Twitter, many responded by posting nurses (and nurses) pictures to show Walsh how your daily life actually looks like. Of boredom, there is little to see. Instead, nurses and nurses, committed to patient care. medical devices or train. Some react with humour, others with pure rage.

Meanwhile, the Senator has recognized that your Statements were at least politically unwise, after all, your potential voters lost votes. You’ve crossed a line, apologized to Walsh in a detailed statement: “I wish I could take back.”

Sources: CNN / Maureen Walsh / Twitter